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Monday, December 22, 2014

2008 Larimer County Election Well Done

Scott Doyle, Larimer County Clerk & Recorder
We Americans have just had the largest and one of the most contentious election years this country has ever seen. Larimer County voters used more early voting opportunities than ever before, and a high percentage of the ballots cast were at the courthouse prior to Election Day. Then Election Day came and went without a hitch, and we are now busy catching up and working to certify the election to the state.

For the Larimer County elections staff who are dedicated to this great exercise in democracy there has never been a larger challenge. I am personally dedicated to the process of successful elections, but find myself even more dedicated to these people who are sacrificing much of themselves to assure American democracy another secure and verifiable election.  

Have you ever wondered why Larimer County has successful elections year in and year out? First, there is the planning that begins over a year prior to Election Day. Then, as the year progresses, more and more workers appear and, as the event becomes even closer, election judges are trained. All of this happens with the core election team overseeing and supervising all functions over the course of the year. This year there were nearly 1,000 people working on Election Day in Larimer County. Every one of these workers was on a team being supervised by a core team member from the Elections Department.

The core elections team is dedicated to one objective – voters having an excellent election experience. I am honored to be associated with these folks. Their dedication, tenacity, integrity and ethics go unrivaled.

It was nearly Election Day when I walked into our warehouse to find one of our team members very sick and needing bed rest. I ask him to go home and was quickly told that, “I have been planning and working this event for over a year and am going to see it through!” Another team member at the courthouse lost his voice completely but stayed the course – even as we all poked fun, I might add. Another learned that her father living in another state was failing fast. She rushed to be by his side and, after only a short stay, returned and was immediately back on the job. Team members pitch in to help each other as needed, and all of them have worked long and grueling hours throughout the year.  

How can we fail when we have such tenacious people driving the process?  It is clear that for those who say they will not go home to rest, those who write new ideas in the middle of the night when awakened, and those who work even when they don’t feel well, this election became their purpose. They have eaten it, drunk it and slept it, and all for you, the voters of Larimer County.  

The Clerk’s office has many wonderful people working in it, but in this instance I must give the election team a well deserved personal and public – Well Done and Thank You!  


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