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BERT Looking to Pay it Forward

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder For those who remember the Kevin Spacey movie, it looks like Berthoud will soon have its own “Pay it Forward” campaign. At the Berthoud Economic Resource Team meeting on Monday, March 9 at Berthoud Town Hall, Larry Leach noted the group is working with local businesses, organizations and individuals to implement a business-to-business referral program intended to encourage Berthoud residents to shop locally by providing discounts on goods and ... Full Story

Outdoors Near Your Back Door: Launching into Space

By Deborah Huth Price Berthoud Recorder If you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, one of the professions most likely to be mentioned is astronaut. Exploring space is the dream of many children, particularly since the manned space missions began in the 1960s. An important factor about an interest in space exploration is the importance of math and science. Very few individuals are actually chosen to be astronauts, but many support space flight through a wide variety of careers. ... Full Story

Bringing World War II Memories to Life

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder “Forever and a Day -- The World War II Odyssey of an American Family” is more than a well-researched reflection of the experiences of soldiers and their families in wartime. In creating this book, author Eric Jensen offers insight on the universal challenge of living through times of uncertainty and hardship. The stories of the Jensen family, whose roots were in Berthoud, and their struggle for survival in the aftermath of the Great Depression and World ... Full Story

“Watchmen” a Psycho-Logical Super Thriller

By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder When this series of graphic novels debuted in the mid-’80s, it set off a revolution in superhero comics. And similarly, the film noir-style aging anti-heroes in the film adaptation of “Watchmen” bring a new complexity to the screen on the heels of “The Dark Knight.” You know Batman is a good guy, and the Joker is a sick and terrifying villain, but what do you do when the supposed heroes themselves are sick and terrifying? Set in 1985, ... Full Story

Youth 411: Girl Power!

By P.J. DiPentino    Berthoud Recorder How about today’s active, extreme girls? In the new millennium, girls have broken out of their shells. They are playing hockey, football and all kinds of contact sports. And they are good at them! High school wrestlers, elementary school baseball players, middle school football players -- all girls. The revolution has taken place. No longer stigmatized as “pretty in pink” or “daddy’s little girl,” extreme girl athletes today ... Full Story

Show Choir Regards Broadway with Style

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder Dressed in period costumes donated by Berthoud families, members of the Bridge Between Show Choir sang and danced their way through the musical “Give My Regards to Broadway” at Berthoud High School last weekend. Performing classic George M. Cohan tunes including “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and his signature “Give My Regards to Broadway,” the cast presented Shubert Fendrich’s story of back stage theatre life in the 1930s with style and energy. Max ... Full Story

Front Range Turkey Hunting Seminars

DENVER - Colorado's 2009 Spring Turkey Season opens April 11 and the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is hosting free seminars in Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs to help novice hunters learn more about hunting wild turkeys. DOW biologists will discuss turkey habitat, locating birds, safety tips, current laws and regulations as well as hunting tips and techniques for the novice hunter.
 "These classes are geared for the novice and first time turkey hunter," said Steve Lucero, an ... Full Story

How’s the Weather?

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder Mark Twain may have said it first, “Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” In Colorado, folks say, “If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes,” but variations of that phrase are spoken all over the country. Weather affects our lives every day (some days more than others!). As I write this late in February, we are experiencing an unseasonably warm and dry winter, although by the time you read this, we ... Full Story

Lions Club Outlines Fundraising Options

Curtis Wilson Lions Club District Governor, Dist. 6-NE Fourteen members of the Lions Club met on March 5 at the Berthoud train depot. Among the many things discussed was the annual Lions fundraising dinner. With the closing of the Wayside Inn, not many places in Berthoud can seat and serve 200 people, a necessity for the dinner. (more…)

Peter Schickele Performs with Greeley Philharmonic

Prepare yourself for a hilarious evening of fun and merriment with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra. Glen Cortese will conduct the concert version of P.D.Q. Bach’s The Abduction of Figaro on April Fool’s Day — no foolin’. Peter Schickele joins the GPO with a rare personal appearance as “P.D.Q. Bach in this well-known spoof of classical opera. After working with Shickele on a production of The Abduction of Figaro, Cortese proposed the idea of a concert performance. Skeptical at ... Full Story

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