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Love Yourself Like Others Love You

Megan Reece Berthoud Recorder In our country, beauty often equals success. Superstars such as Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johanssen are revered for their talent, but also for their looks. Supermodels grace the covers of “Sports Illustrated,” the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and “Vogue,” and their images are often airbrushed to perfection. The pressure to be gorgeous in America is intense; our popular culture is based almost completely around high profile media interests, and ... Full Story

Surviving the Toxic Workplace

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder It wasn’t that long ago when Colorado enjoyed very low unemployment rates – they often fell below 2.5 percent. But those days are long gone. Now the news is filled with stories of businesses closing, mergers, layoffs and bankruptcies. While the national unemployment rate is expected to top 10 percent by the end of 2009, Colorado’s rate will also continue to climb, perhaps reaching as high as seven percent – up from six percent in December 2008. For ... Full Story

Understanding Childhood Obesity

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder Despite a growing focus on healthy, low-fat diets, the sad truth is Americans are losing the battle of the bulge. Obesity rates continue to climb. In 1962, 13 percent of Americans were obese. By 1980, that rate had reached 15 percent, and by 1994, 15 percent. At the turn of the new millennium, the rate had reached a staggering 31 percent. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, obesity accounts for more than 300,000 deaths per year. Unfortunately, obesity does ... Full Story

School Meals and Your Child's Nutrition

Tammie Rempe Thompson School District, Nutrition Services Director With the rise of childhood obesity in recent decades, it’s important for parents to take an active role in shaping food choices for their children. The Thompson School District understands the need for children to have healthy options during the school day, and current breakfast and lunch menus reflect national standards in nutrition. All school menus are planned to meet nutrition goals as defined by the United States ... Full Story

Make Your Own Natural Makeup

By Lizzy Scully Berthoud Recorder Though it may seem daunting for those who have never tried it, making your own natural makeup using minerals and natural and organic ingredients can be a fast and easy way to sustain the environment while at the same time ensuring you don’t put harmful chemicals on your body. Natural makeup makes for a great gift, and once you get the hang of it and build a base of ingredients, you will save money as well. The first step is to figure out exactly what sort ... Full Story

Celebrate Your Mistakes

By Judy K. Underwood Berthoud Recorder Recently, a friend and co-worker said to me, “Judy, I want to give you some feedback. Some people think that you’re too pushy, and they wanted me to tell you. I promised them I would keep their identity confidential.” Wow. I was hurt, surprised and upset. Who thought that about me? Why did they need a go-between to tell me? Why didn’t they tell me themselves? Or, just maybe, it was really the co-worker who talked to me, who thought I was too ... Full Story

Beauty is Hard Work

By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder Mrs. Berthoud (aka Ashlyn Bishop) has added regular workouts to her preparations for the Mrs. Colorado contest in May. Bishop runs five times a week — currently one mile four days, and then added distance on one day. She also spends time at home working out with weights and doing stretches. She says although her husband, Luke, has not joined in with her efforts yet, he does help her with the weight training. According to the Mrs. Colorado Web site, ... Full Story

Wilderness Adventures Hosts Wild Game Dinner

Wilderness Adventures of Northern Colorado held a Wild Game Dinner at Grace Place Church on March 27. The group originated at Grace Place, but now includes several Northern Colorado churches as sponsors. (more…)

Aviation Lovers Aim High at Leading Edge

Photos by Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder Leading Edge Flight School hosted an open house at the Fort Collins Loveland Municipal Airport on Saturday, March 28. There were a half-dozen planes on display and a fly-in. Category:  News - Community News Image:  News Image:  News Image:  News Image:  Long Description:  <p>Markus Selken, 4, and his dad, Tom, of Fort Collins take a turn with the Katana Diamond D4, which was among six airplanes ... Full Story

Dear Margaret: Helping Parents Stay Independent

Dear Margaret, My parents need some help in their home to remain independent. Where do I start? Sincerely, Caring and Concerned Dear Caring and Concerned, That is a great question. There are several things to consider. First, what type of help could they use? For example, do they need help with daily personal care like bathing and dressing or with home making assistance like vacuuming and running errands? Another consideration is their financial situation. Can they pay for the help out of ... Full Story

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