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Monday, January 26, 2015

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'Star Trek': A Stellar Sci-Fi Voyage For

By Dani White Berthoud Recorder     The new “Star Trek” is an engaging fantasy/adventure film that essentially and successfully completes the tremendous task of revamping a bit-rundown popular culture classic. “Star Trek” reinvents itself for a new era, while maintaining the integrity of the empire it was built upon and appealing to a wider audience of old and new fans alike. (more…)

Fourteen Secrets to Spectacular Tomatoes

By Susan Perry CSU Master Gardener in Larimer County With warm weather arriving, it’s time to start your tomato garden. With the right weather conditions and a little luck, these tips will help you grow a great tomato crop. Here are 14 suggestions for success: Select healthy, VFN resistant plants. VFN stands for Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, and nematodes. Nematodes are not a problem in Colorado, but both wilts are potentially deadly threats to your tomatoes.  When selecting ... Full Story

Gardening Q&A: Pay Attention to Soil Amendments

By Kathy Roth CSU Master Gardener in Larimer County Q: What are my choices for soil amendments and what are their differences? Which one should I use? A: Organic amendments include sphagnum peat moss, wood chips, grass clippings, straw, compost, manure, biosolids, sawdust and wood ash.  Inorganic amendments include vermiculite, perlite, tire chunks, pea gravel and sand. Not all of the above are recommended by CSU; some can cause problems. Wood ash, for example, is high in both pH and ... Full Story

Gardening Tips: Use Rocks for Natural Touch

By Mitzi Davis CSU Extension Master Gardener in Larimer County The nursery trade is looking for alternatives to plastic pots and trays that end up in landfills. More items are becoming available that are made from organic materials like rice hulls, bamboo pulp, sugar cane residue and feather waste from poultry farms. There are also “cow pots” made from composted manure. Nutrients in the pots improve seedling growth and the pots dissolve in the soil about a month after planting. Achieve a ... Full Story


Arts Events in Estes Park May 14-16 “The Imaginary Invalid,” Jean-Baptise Toli’ere’s classic satire of the medical profession. Produced by the Estes Park Repertoire Theatre. Hempel Auditorium. YMCA of the Rockies-Estes Park Center. Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7 p.m.; Sunday 2 p.m. Tickets are $12. (970) 577-9900; 800-44-ESTES May 15 Windows to the World. Exhibit opening featuring oil paintings by Bill Fritz ... Full Story

Getting it Wrong, Hollywood Style

As the blockbuster summer movie season approaches, I am considering whether the influence of Hollywood productions is fundamentally good or bad on America and the world. On the one hand I remember quite vividly that the theaters were some of the first public places to install air conditioning, but on the other, I see too often there are pronouncements that we should run our cities, state and nation according to Hollywood ideas. Air conditioning has been a mixed blessing. The enjoyment factor ... Full Story

Getting Schooled

By Gary Wamsley Berthoud Recorder Our weather continues to vex us by giving us nice weekdays and then “raining on our parade” on weekends. I will admit that it is getting better. At least Saturday was pleasant for the grand opening of Brookside Gardens but Mother’s Day turned cold and rainy. My neighbors at Berthoud Car Wash were giving free car washes to moms, but it wasn’t a good car wash day. I had planned to mow the grass on Sunday. Fortunately, Shar warned me about the upcoming ... Full Story

Campus View: The Alley Cat Is a Cup of Chai, a Taste

By Sarah Kay Hurst Berthoud Recorder “Alley Cat” is a fitting name for a coffee shop whose very ambiance seems to purr. From the cozy arm chairs to the shelves of gently loved books to the warm lights and eclectic art, the charming little café has a welcoming, bohemian atmosphere.     Serving fair-trade, organic coffee and a variety of homemade food to the many college students who gather to study or chat over a steaming latté, the Alley Cat seems unaffected by the ... Full Story

The Mundt-Malchow Barn: Farm Life Filled With Work and

The Berthoud Recorder's Historic Barn Series By Jenny Anderson Berthoud Recorder Prussian-born Frederick Mundt first settled on the Mundt-Malchow farm after purchasing the land in 1904, which he worked until retiring in 1915. When Mundt died in 1931, the farm passed on to his family and was twice sold. Later, Father John C. “Carter” and his wife Essie along with son Howard and daughter-in-law Beatrice Malchow purchased the property in 1952, when they moved with their three surviving ... Full Story

Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month Presents

This year, the Colorado Historical Society and partner organizations celebrate Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month with “Grand Sesquicentennial Celebrations” showcasing the 150th birthday of several Colorado communities that started out as mining camps. The famous Colorado Gold Rush is one of the largest gold rushes in American history, and played an integral part in the establishment of various communities throughout Colorado.  Through the end of May, cities and towns across ... Full Story

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