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Guitar Heroes Rock the House

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder In previous years, Berthoud Day participants have noted there weren’t enough activities for older youth. That certainly wasn’t the case this year though. (more…)

Morris Border Dancers

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder Self-described as “a bunch of wild-eyed rascally hooligans who love to dance and cavort in public, to the sound of accordion, fife, and clashing sticks,” the Breathless in Berthoud Border Morris dancers delighted audiences at Berthoud Day with their colorful costumes and exuberance. (more…)

Proposed School Budget Includes Teacher Retention

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder Teachers whose jobs have been in question because of anticipated budget cuts will be retained in the coming school year, Steve Towne, chief financial officer for the Thompson School District, said while presenting the proposed 2009-10 budget at the June 3 school board meeting. “We were able to keep the district whole,” he said. While expenditures will exceed revenues in the coming school year, Towne said that one-time transfers from reserve funds will ... Full Story

School Board Briefs: Berthoud High Teacher Receives

Berthoud Recorder Berthoud High School teacher Jane Ballard has received a teacher recognition award from the Boettcher Foundation in Denver. Gabriel Buckley, a Berthoud High graduate who received a Boettcher scholarship earlier in the year, nominated Ballard for the honor. Ballard will receive a $1,000 grant to use for the benefit of students at her school. Katy Craig of the Boettcher Foundation said that each Boettcher scholar selects a teacher for the recognition award. (more…)

Outdoors Near Your Back Door: Take in the Vastness of

By Deborah Huth Price Berthoud Recorder On a hike at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area this weekend, the Ram Nation drummers, composed of Native American CSU students, staff and community members, sent songs echoing through the hills from the picnic shelter below. I wondered how long it had been since this landscape had heard that music. A beautiful day, activities for visitors and wide open spaces to explore brought many area residents to the opening of this 20,000-acre site north of Fort ... Full Story

Price of Admission: Ferrell's Talent Goes Missing

By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder (with special guest commentators) I’m always ready for Will Ferrell’s ridiculous comedies. I bought “Old School,” “Anchorman,” and “Blades of Glory,” (although that one was against my better judgment). By the looks of the previews, I thought I was ready for another adventure in hilarity, but I was very, very mistaken. I hated this movie, despite the funny bits, which numbered three for the whole movie, all of which I had seen in the previews. ... Full Story

Our Natural World: Colorado's Botanical Symbols

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder The State of Colorado has three official botanical symbols: the State Flower, the State Tree, and the State Grass. Probably you can name the first two, but who knew we also have a State Grass? The State Flower is the white and lavender columbine, also called the Colorado columbine. Its scientific name is Aquilegia caerulea, and it belongs to the Ranunculaceae (buttercup family). Its distinguishing feature is a flower with a cluster of five ... Full Story

The Healthy Gourmand: What’s for Dessert? Fruit

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder In simpler times, dessert was a special treat reserved for Sundays and special occasions, instead of a daily expectation. As delicious and tempting as desserts can be, most are loaded with unhealthy sugars and fats that can add pounds, deteriorate teeth and lead to other major health issues. So what’s a conscientious cook to do when he or she hears the eternal question, “What’s for dessert?” One good answer is fruit, as unprocessed as possible. ... Full Story

1642 “ What’s Next? Tests and

By Ralph Trenary Berthoud Recorder The books have been closed on another round of fall and winter. According to the calendars we’re still in spring. I wonder about that with the number of near-record-high-temperature days that have already passed. Still, the rains have been a benefit as the reservoirs are full, the ditches are flowing and the drought has officially been cancelled. While my farmer and rancher cousins and ancestors are pleased, the teachers are restless. High school ... Full Story

Around Town: Everyone Loves a Parade

By Gary Wamsley Berthoud Recorder I think the Chamber of Commerce folks breathed a big sigh of relief on Saturday night. Berthoud Day turned out very well. Good weather, a large crowd, a great parade and many activities kept everyone entertained. Kudos to the chamber for all the planning that made it all work so well. I started my day with the scouts' pancake breakfast and then headed over to Fickel Park for the big Habitat 5K race and then took a stroll down Second Street to look at the ... Full Story

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