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Summer Job Scene: Workin' at the Car Wash

By Taylor Lee Berthoud Recorder With many summer job opportunities around why not spend your summer making some extra cash doing something that you love? That is exactly what 25-year-old Ivy Stockwell fifth grade teacher Jason Hooker is doing.     Hooker became interested in working at the Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland because one of his hobbies is showing his 2001 Lexus IS 300 at car shows. Detailing his car is just one of the things he has to do before a car show, so he ... Full Story

Taylor Made: Who Could've Known?

By Taylor Lee Berthoud Recorder I have always been involved with softball in some way. First, when I was just a little one of about four or five years old, my parents signed me up for t-ball just for something to do. After that I kept progressing up the ladder to coach pitch. Then finally when I was old enough — about eight years old — I got away from baseball and turned to softball. (more…)

On the Fly At Mile High

By Dani White Berthoud Recorder The stadium and the surrounding fields that normally constitute Dick’s Sporting Goods Park were transformed into a festival setting with a variety of massive tents and magnificent, equipment-laden stages for this year’s second annual Mile High Music Festival 2009. (more…)

Outdoors Near Your Backdoor: Escape by Train and Enjoy

By Deborah Huth Price Berthoud Recorder There are many ways to enjoy Colorado’s outdoor beauty, but a train may be the most magical. For a vacation close to home, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is less than a day’s drive and offers some of the most spectacular views, many of which can only be seen while riding the train. The restored track, engines and cars run daily mid-May through mid-October between Antonito, Colo. and Chama, N. M., crossing the Colorado-New Mexico border 11 ... Full Story

The Healthy Gourmand: Hearty Weekend Breakfast Ideas

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder Weekends are a good time to have a hearty breakfast that keeps you going well into the afternoon. Here are three recipes that are delicious and provide essential proteins and other nutritious ingredients. The bran muffins go well with the omelet, and the pancakes can be a meal in themselves. If there is time on busy weekday mornings, these recipes also can be used to start the day off right. (more…)

1642 — What's Next? Gettin' Away With

By Ralph Trenary Berthoud Recorder Back in May I had a column titled “Where’s the Honesty and Integrity?” In recent weeks I’ve recognized a similar issue that I call “gettin’ away with it.” This is the stuff that’s just hard for me to sit back and watch. When I see it, and if the kids are around it becomes a “ … this is unacceptable …” learning opportunity. Sometimes it’s even cause to call 911. (more…)

Around Town: Reel Life Memories

By Gary Wamsley Berthoud Recorder I stopped by the library on Monday evening and noticed quite a few people sitting in the meeting room in the dark. I stuck my head in the door and saw that they were enjoying the Monday night movie time. Just one of the many library activities offered during the year. That got me thinking about the “old” days when even small towns had their own movie theater. In the early 1940s the theater in Grant, Neb., population 1,000, was less than a block from our ... Full Story

Editorial: An Ag Perspective on Clean Energy

By Kent Peppler Rocky Mountain Farmers Union President An opinion piece appeared last week in more than one Denver newspaper that attacked Farmers Union for "selling out" agriculture by supporting the amended Clean Energy bill. The piece presents the author's views and statistics as facts. They are just opinions, not facts, and there are some other facts that should be mentioned as we consider the bill and what it means for agriculture. Condemning the action by Congress ignores a key fact. ... Full Story

Letters: July 23, 2009

Unhealthy Congress Health care reform should involve removing the government influence altogether. Recently we’ve heard that 72 percent of all Americans favor a public health care option. But now that the costs are coming to light the percentage is under 50 percent, and the rate is declining. Fix Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Don’t we have enough agencies to hide all these expenses behind, already? (more…)

Tales from the Road: Kalona, Iowa, the Heart of Amish

By Megan Reece Thomas Berthoud Recorder There are not a whole lot of places left in the country where you can still see regularly used hitching posts outside of the general store. In southern Iowa, the town of Kalona and surrounding areas is in the heart of Amish and country. The Amish in this area live without very many conveniences of modern-day life. The women sew their own dresses and bonnets and cook every meal from scratch. Horse-drawn buggies are as common on the roads as cars and many ... Full Story

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