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Letters: Aug. 6, 2009

Health Care a Fundamental Right? Many advocates of universal government-paid health care say that medical care is a fundamental right that belongs to everyone. But is it? Our Constitution names the rights to life, liberty and property as fundamental. Yes, property is a human right. Just as we own our own bodies, we own the products of our mental and physical labor. This is why we rightly condemn slavery. These rights belong to all people by nature. The state can defend them or deny them, ... Full Story

The Life of a Gypsy

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder Like many little girls I fell in love with horses when I was very young. I also started riding when I was very young, probably not much older than 3, and have been riding — off and on — ever since. Naturally, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about horses and horse breeds. (more…)

August Volunteer of the Month: Matthews Offers

By Laurie Hindman Berthoud Recorder Berthoud High School’s back-to-school night is just around the corner. For new students the evening can feel a little overwhelming as BHS Commons is usually packed with excited students, confused parents and tables piled with pamphlets, club information, BHS swag and, of course, forms to be completed. Fortunately, volunteers are on hand to make the evening smooth, informative and, above all, welcoming. (more…)

Poe's Love of Painting Continues Despite

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder Dewey Poe works on a still life painting while sitting at his easel in a sunny corner of the Berthoud Living Center. Carefully blending oil paints with his brush, Poe applies colors onto the canvas with steady concentration. (more…)

Exercise Can Enhance Health in Senior Years

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder A well-planned exercise program can improve strength, endurance, flexibility and balance for senior adults. Some studies indicate that routine exercise can also help mental functioning and reduce the risk of age-related dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise can be a fun and social activity, especially if seniors participate in group classes. Whether exercising with a group or on your own, there are many beneficial options from which to choose. ... Full Story

Dear Margaret: Aug. 6, 2009

Dear Margaret, You may be the only person that I can talk to about this.  Our parents told us never to air our dirty laundry in public but I simply have to tell someone. (more…)

Fire Beat: Aug. 6, 2009

Tuesday, July 28 BFPD responded to a carbon monoxide alarm on Sixth Street. No evidence of carbon monoxide was detected. The alarm was activated due to a faulty alarm. Wednesday, July 29 BFPD responded to a commercial fire alarm at the Berthoud Living Center. There were no signs of fire and after investigation nothing was found. The alarm was reset. BFPD responded to Interstate 25 at mile marker 251 for an accident involving a semi truck transporting cattle. The semi had blown a tire and ... Full Story

Obituary: Earl D. Sterkel

Earl D. Sterkel of Berthoud went to join the Lord on Tuesday, July 28 at Longmont United Hospital following complication after open-heart surgery. Sterkel was born in Loveland to Jacob and Christina Hohnstien Sterkel on March 8, 1940. He attended Loveland Schools and graduated with the class of 1958 from Loveland High School. Formerly the Public Works Director for the Town of Berthoud, Sterkel’s working life also included construction work, and was most recently manager of Sterkel ... Full Story

Police Beat: Aug. 6, 2009

Tuesday, July 28 A Third Street resident reported finding a bat in her garage. Her cat had found it first and she wanted advice on what to do. She would have no problem disposing of the bat or letting if free if it was still alive. A check of an abandoned vehicle parked in the 900 block of Wilshire Drive. showed it was stolen and the vehicle was towed. After a report of a loud stereo behind a house on east Michigan Avenue, police contacted the parties and they agreed to turn the Michael ... Full Story

EarthSky: Waning Moon and Planet Uranus

By Kelley Knight Heins Earth Sky Communications Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009 In the southeast about 10 p.m. or later, look for the waning gibbous moon in front of the constellation Pisces the Fishes. Just below the moon, near the horizon, will be the planet Uranus, also in the constellation Pisces. (more…)

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