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Spain, France, and Italy EF Educational Tour

Have you wanted to see the famous architecture of Barcelona, walk along the beaches of the French Riviera, visit the Roman Coliseum or the Vatican?  Barbara Boyd, retired BHS Spanish teacher, and current BHS Spanish and French teachers Nancee Deason and Joan Fiene are leading a trip to Europe during spring break of 2010.  The trip is open to all Berthoud High School and Turner Middle School students and members of the Berthoud community. The 12-day tour — sponsored by EF tours, ... Full Story

Matt Campbell: A True Blue Troubadour

By Dani White Berthoud Recorder There is a quaint music store in charmingly, eclectic downtown Loveland with a welcoming storefront and walls lined with an array of guitars. On a sunny, lazy Sunday last weekend, I was sitting amid the colorful display of instruments listening to Matt Campbell softly strumming one of the earthy, acoustic guitars singing a poignant song about windows and wondering who might be looking in at the impromptu performance. (more…)

The Healthy Gourmand: A Look at the ‘Dirty

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder A list of the “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables got national attention last week, with stories appearing in the media about the Environmental Working Group’s report on pesticide levels in produce. According to the extensive study, which included six measurements of pesticides in samples of fruits and vegetables, peaches and imported grapes contain the highest levels — with apples, sweet bell peppers, celery and strawberries following closely. (See ... Full Story

Fit and Fun: Stay Healthy into the Next Year

By Megan Reece Thomas Berthoud Recorder Even though it’s August and you’re going to think I’m crazy for saying this, I’m still going to warn you — cold and flu season is coming! Now is the exactly right time to learn about protecting yourself from these common — and tremendously unpleasant — diseases. You can take a couple of months to work on your habits in order to develop your natural immunity. Even though most colds and flues do not last longer than a week or so, they can ... Full Story


Niwot Timberline Symphony Orchestra Auditions What: Auditions for Concert Master, Principal Strings & Principal Oboe When: 6-7 p.m.,  Aug. 18, 25 and Sept. 1 Where: Niwot High School band room, 8989 Niwot Road Information: or call (720) 239-3627 Loveland Choral Society Season tickets for LCS’s ’09-’10 season are now on sale. This year’s slate of concerts includes “Kickin’ It with Kirby;” “The Glory of Christmas,” Loveland’s premiere holiday ... Full Story

It's News to Me: Thanks for the Memories

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words” — American author Phillip K. Dick The human mind is capable of amazing things, but it is hardly infallible. Ask any police officer and they will tell you that people often make for unreliable witnesses. It’s not that witnesses are trying to intentionally mislead the police (usually, that is), it’s just the way we’re wired. When I was in middle school, one of my teachers ... Full Story

Around Town: Observations on the New and the Old

By Gary Wamsley Berthoud Recorder When I attended the first Thompson School District Board of Education meeting earlier this month I noticed the board members were not looking at the audience as much as usual. Then I noticed the notebook computer in front of each board member. The new superintendent has brought them into the digital age and now they refer to the agenda and supporting documents on their computer screens rather than having the printed document in front of them. It was a ... Full Story

Guest Editorial: Library and Coffee Benefits Community

By Lisa Aston Bauer Berthoud Recorder Guest Editorial Last week I read a letter about how a patron said that my taxes were being used to buy coffee and furniture used by children in the Berthoud Community Library. How dare they indoctrinate future Starbucks customers on my dime? I was horrified. Don’t they know that coffee stunts growth, encourages serial killers and contributes to acid reflux? Hadn’t they heard that in medieval times coffee was considered a drug and early coffee shops ... Full Story

2009 Session Brings New Prospects for Colorado

By John M. Kefalas State Representative, House District 52 While the Colorado Legislature is out of session, the battle for health care reform is raging in Washington, D.C. With the House and Senate trying to pass a major reform bill, and with hundreds of insurance, hospital and pharmacy lobbyists filling the halls of Congress, it’s hard to know what the final product will be. Meanwhile, there is a colossal amount of misinformation being thrown at the American people and members of Congress ... Full Story

Letters: Aug. 20, 2009

An Open Letter to Congresswoman Markey I am very upset. I have been politically active most of my adult life and have NEVER gone to a protest or rally. I attended my first to protest HR3200. I attended that rally because I actually read most of the 1,000-page bill. The past few months I have been demonized as a Right Wing Terrorist by the DOJ, Speaker Pelosi called me un-American. I have been accused of being racist, stupid, uninformed, and a member of a manufactured angry mob. I have watched ... Full Story

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