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Meal Deal Vegetarian Style

By Laurie Hindman Berthoud Recorder Vegetarians need not forgo Berthoud restaurants; tucked away in their menus are several vegetarian options, as well even a couple for the true vegan (those who eat nothing that contains animal products, such as eggs or dairy). The Jumping Bean has a breakfast burrito that is egg, potato and veggies, smothered with a meat-free green chile. For lunch try the “Pesto Veggie” focaccia sandwich: the fresh baked bread is layered with pesto, avocado, ... Full Story

Onward and Upward! Berthoud Habitat Receives Grant

By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder That empty lot on Fourth Street is on its way to becoming a new home, thanks to a grant to the Berthoud Habitat for Humanity from CARHOF — the Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foundation. (more…)

Straight Talk on County Budget

By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder   How does Larimer County budget? That was the basic question at this month’s citizen meeting Wednesday morning. Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly and Budget Director Bob Keister sat down with several area residents, as well as Berthoud’s Interim Town Administrator Gary Suiter and State Rep. B.J. Nikkel, to look at Larimer’s “budgeting for results” process. Keister explained the new process gives commissioners a chance to prioritize ... Full Story

Lose the Baby Weight with Stroller Strides

By Megan Reece Thomas Berthoud Recorder Elaine Waterman had always been the type to work out, and after her second child that was no exception. But finding a safe and effective workout with a 6-week old was no cup of tea. (more…)

Lions Club Has Been Busy This Summer

By Curtis Wilson Lions Club District 6-NE Governor The Lions Club is still here; it’s just that there were fewer meetings this summer, but not fewer activities. The Lions cleaned the highway, loaned out items from the medical loan closet and the “eye committee” has been having regular meetings. The Community Sign has also been updated regularly. (more…)

Public Invited to Meet Town Candidates

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder If all goes well, Berthoud could have a new Town administrator within just a few weeks. After receiving 120 applications for the position opening, two coming in after the closing deadline, the Berthoud Board of Trustees have narrowed the list to two finalists. (more…)

Residents Take Issue with Town Rates

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder While expressing concerns over the taste and odor of the Town’s water, residents also took issue with the rates they are paying at the Aug. 25 Town Board meeting. (more…)

Something's in the Air: Water Odor the Focus

By Shari Phiel Berthoud Recorder Berthoud’s water quality has once again come to the forefront of concerns for local residents. For the past few weeks, Town staff have fielded about 30 calls a day from Berthoud citizens concerned about a noxious odor and taste in their water. At the Tuesday, Aug. 25 Board of Trustees meeting at Town Hall, numerous residents voiced their concerns to their elected officials about the problem. Like many, Berthoud citizen Billie Norris said she disliked ... Full Story

Town Briefs: Putting Citizens First, Not Economic

By Sandy Barnes Berthoud Recorder Berthoud resident Dorian Ryan told the Board of Trustees she thought the Town should have “citizens first” as a priority on its list of goals while speaking at the Aug. 25 board meeting. Ryan, who is co-founder of the Berthoud Town Forum, also voiced objections to rehiring economic development consultant Stephanie Salazar. Instead, the money could be spent on hiring a water or tree consultant, she said. Interim Town Administrator Gary Suiter said he is ... Full Story

Making a Life Far From Home: Thai Exchange Student

By Laurie Hindman Berthoud Recorder The start of a new school year is often a stressful time for high school students as they sort out schedules, lockers and class syllabi, as well as adjust to the alarm clock ringing at 6 a.m., long days spent in classrooms, and of course, homework. Now imagine doing all that in a foreign country, in a completely different culture, usually with different religions and customs, with no one who speaks your native language, while living with a family of ... Full Story

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