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Paper Bird flies high

By Dani White Berthoud Recorder A vivacious sea of fans fills the whimsically old-fashioned Boulder Theater for a shoulder-to shoulder Paper Bird headliner concert. The presence of the band reels in the audience the moment they take the stage, and the applause begins before a single note is played. The massive crowd vibes to the upbeat, folky Americana composition resonating pleasantly from the amps. The sparkling voices of the three female vocalists are offset and enriched by the jazzy ... Full Story

Gassner glows as Frenchy in ‘Grease’

Briana Gassner, a 2002 graduate of Berthoud High School, is currently performing the role of Frenchy in “Grease” at the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center, 2450 W. Main St.  The production runs through Sunday, Oct. 25 with shows on Thursdays through Sundays.  For ticket information call 303-794-2787 or visit www.TownHallArtsCenter.com.Gassner is the daughter of Lou and Ruth Gassner of Berthoud. A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, she is in her third year of ... Full Story


"Return to the Twilight Zone" The Theater Company of Lafayette presents an all-new “Return to the Twilight Zone,” a parody of the classic 1950s television show, from Oct. 16 through Nov. 7. (more…)

Shoots traps and leaves

By Gary WamsleyBerthoud RecorderIt has been another busy week in Berthoud. The repaving of Bunyan Avenue from First Street to the railroad tracks went smoothly. The project improved the westbound approach to the track crossing so that it no longer functions as a speed bump. That is probably a good effect as that route will probably become an often-used alternate route as soon as the digging starts at the roundabout. (more…)

1642: What’s Next? From quartets to mp3 players

By Ralph Trenary Berthoud Recorder Last weekend found me at different events that led to thoughts about classical string quartets and modern mp3 music players.  This may seem like a strange combination, but hang with me for a few lines. In my short life-span (a work still in progress) I’ve listened to my favorite girl-cousin and her friends playing 45s, to the avant-garde collection of a high school buddy with three different LP disc-washers, to 8-tracks, the first Walkman, cassettes ... Full Story

Guest Editorial: What’s a dog gotta do to get a

By Martin Van BurenGuest columnistAs a former shelter dog and otherwise content Berthoud resident, I felt I had to take time out of rolling in the barnyard and eating kitty litter to ask one simple question — why does Berthoud water taste so bad? (more…)

Oct. 8, 2009

Berthoud Barley Days thanksI would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Berthoud Barley Days & BBQ event at Fickel Park last Saturday on Oct. 3. Many thanks to High Country Beverage, ReMax Town & Country and the Weekly Surveyor who sponsored the event; many thanks to Grand Rental Station who ma (more…)

Birthright of Loveland welcomes Links to board

Richard and Louise Link are the newest members of the Birthright of Loveland board. After many years of living in Loveland, the Links now live in Berthoud and have three grown, married children and five grandchildren. Having adopted one of their children in 1976, the Links were inspired to start the local Birthright chapter in 1980, for which Louise served as the first director. The Links joined the board to help mothers through unplanned pregnancies and look forward to celebrating ... Full Story

Breast cancer survivor Bowman advises women to follow

By Laurie HindmanBerthoud RecorderMichelle Bowman was living in Mexico when she dreamed she had breast cancer. She also had discomfort in her left breast. Upon return to her home in Berthoud she went immediately to her family physician, who did a thorough breast exam and assured her she had nothing to worry about. Bowman is a registered nurse, a licensed acupuncturist and the director of Longmont United Hospital’s Health Center of Integrative Therapies. (more…)

Where is the Big Dipper in autumn?

By Deborah ByrdEarthSky CommunicationsThursday, Oct. 8, 2009At this time of year, the most famous star pattern visible from this hemisphere — the Big Dipper — is low in the north during the evening hours. It’s tough to spot the Dipper in the evening at this time of year, especially in the southern states, although you’ll see it before dawn around now, ascending in the northeast. (more…)

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