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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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Flu Smarts

By Recorder Staff The Berthoud Recorder Be Flu Smart This Holiday Season DENVER - As the holidays approach, it is important for people to remember to take precautions to protect themselves from the flu, according to officials at the state health department. Being flu smart is easy. Just follow these steps: ● Don’t travel if you’re sick. ● When traveling, bring along small bottles of bacterial lotion or wipes. ● Wash your hands frequently. ● To protect others, cough or sneeze into ... Full Story

Larimer County agencies target long-lasting changes

Daily headlines bring unsettling news about crumbling financial markets. In  Larimer County, the floundering housing market is forcing homeowners to return to renting, driving vacancy rates down and rental prices up. And it’s not just homeowners feeling the pinch — families living in poverty are being forced into homelessness. The ripple effects have devastating impacts, as unstable housing disrupts employment, education, health and family stability.   In the first three quarters of ... Full Story

Christmas in Berthoud 2009 sets ambitious goal:

By Laurie Hindman Berthoud Recorder The holiday season is rapidly approaching and while most children get ready for the season with excitement and gleeful anticipation, for parents struggling with debt, unemployment, health care issues and even foreclosure, the holidays can bring stress and despair. The Berthoud community has a history and tradition of reaching out to those who are hurting — this year’s Christmas in Berthoud affords those in need an opportunity for some holiday assistance ... Full Story

Driver safety in harsh winter conditions a topmost

Driver safety in harsh winter conditions a topmost concern

By Stephen Charles Berthoud Fire Chief Cold winter weather is upon us, and with it come a variety of health and safety hazards both indoors and out. To help ensure everyone in our community stays safe and warm this season, the firefighters and staff of the Berthoud Fire Protection District offer the following tips and suggest you post them where they can be seen by your family members and co-workers. (more…)

Setting a new pace at BHS: Garcia, Avery look for

By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder In the wake of hazing incidents at Berthoud High School last year and the retirement of Principal Leonard Sherman and Athletic Director Rusty Mathena, the school year opened with questions and hopes about discipline and prevention policies. Athletic Director and Vice Principal Mark Avery says the new administration has some good opportunities to move ahead and build on the strengths the school already has in place. “There’s a lot of history here; it’s a ... Full Story

Robotics Expo this Saturday

Plans are in the final stages for the annual Robotics Expo and FIRST LEGO League Qualifier, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 7, at Berthoud High School. Forty-eight teams from Berthoud, Arvada, Aurora, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Golden, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland and Windsor will attend this year’s event. (more…)

Outdoor connections offer a sense of place, even in

Outdoor connections offer a sense of place, even in change

By Deborah Huth Price Berthoud Recorder On a recent trip to Estes Park this fall, my husband and I were surprised to discover that an old campground we had visited many times had almost been completely wiped out and replaced with a wedding lodge. It was a bit of a shock. While not a supreme campground, it had been there for decades and held good memories for us and undoubtedly generations of other families as well.  Next to one of our favorite camp sites was a tree with an old electrical ... Full Story

‘This Is It’ gives the Gloved One a deserved

By Kyle Lee Berthoud Recorder When Michael Jackson died the world was taken aback. Largely thought to be living in a life of solitude, he didn’t make appearances unless he needed to. He hadn’t been on the stage in over ten years, something he regretted. But when he died it was like he was transformed into a whole different person as the media lost sight of who he was. This wasn’t new since it had been happening through his life. (more…)

It’s all about balance for vitamin A

By Megan Reece Thomas Berthoud Recorder I wrote recently that by aiming to get enough of one vitamin, mineral or another, you tend to get extra of other vitamins and minerals because most whole foods are abundant in more than one nutrient. We talked about zinc recently, found in abundance in oysters and meats. On the other side of the coin is vitamin A, found mostly in green, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits, fortified dairy products and eggs. (more…)

What was Johnny Appleseed up to?

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder Autumn is apple time across America — crisp fruit and sweet cider. The season may bring to mind that American folk hero Johnny Appleseed. You probably know him from the 1958 Disney film “American Legends,” which portrayed him as a young man traveling on the western frontier in the early 1800s, unselfishly planting apple trees for settlers to enjoy. But the true story of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, is somewhat different. In his ... Full Story

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