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Saturday, April 25, 2015

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This moment in time

This moment in time is the beginning for the American people. What is Congress going to leave the American people for it's new beginning? Will it be a financial catastrophe with the insurance companies reaping huge profits, Congress members taking jobs as lobbyists in the coming years and the downfall of the US economy while the human suffering continues? Or will it be the long-term opportunity that the American people need? Fair profits for healthcare companies, politcians working for "We the ... Full Story

Earthsky Tonight – Dec 30 2009, Star Sirius is

Earthsky Tonight – Dec 30 2009, Star Sirius is torchbearer of the New Year

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Lots of celestial lights will adorn the nighttime as the clock ticks toward the midnight hour tomorrow, bringing in the New Year. For starters, there’s Orion, the gem of all constellations. And Sirius, the brightest star of nighttime, shining to the lower left of Orion’s Belt. No less a fixture than the tolling bells that ring in the New Year, Sirius is truly the New Year’s Day star. Sirius celebrates its ... Full Story

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