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Berthoud business succeeding in the midst of economic

Berthoud business succeeding in the midst of economic downturn

By Judy Lehn In September of last year, in the middle of the recession, two strong women along with their families took on the ownership of a restaurant that had fallen victim to the downturn in Berthoud’s economy. Sharon Dowling, Shari and Bob Nixon, and Ed and Shelly Munholland, (Shari and Ed are Sharon’s son and daughter) are running J.B. Clymer’s Restaurant on Mountain Avenue and are pleased to be able to say that they see a sunny future in store. After teaching for 12 years, ... Full Story

Larimer County Republicans to choose Rennel’s

Nearly a dozen Larimer County residents have indicated a desire to fill the vacant position on the Larimer County Board of Commissioners. All are Republicans and Kathay Rennels’ successor will be chosen by the Larimer County Republican Central Committee. The committee has 320 members and the winning candidate must receive a simple majority of the votes. Several of the hopefuls attended a forum at the Leeper Center in Wellington on Tuesday evening, giving them an opportunity to answer ... Full Story

Reception honoring Kathay Rennels

Reception honoring Kathay Rennels

Friends, family, county employees and county commissioners past and present attended a reception to honor departing Larimer Count Commissioner Kathay Rennels. The reception in the Carter Lake room had a steady stream of well wishers from 2 until 4 p.m. Soft background music was provided by the string trio of Royce, John and Ben Kershner. John is a county employee. Rennels is leaving her post to become Director of Economic Development at Colorado State University, an office that had been ... Full Story

Earthsky Tonight – Jan 07 2010 Two stars flag

Earthsky Tonight – Jan 07 2010 Two stars flag sun’s path through Milky Way

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org Tonight's chart shows the east-southeastern sky not long after the sky gets dark, as viewed from mid-northern latitudes. The brightest star of nighttime – Sirius – shows up close to the horizon in early evening, rising upward as evening deepens into night. Sirius is found by drawing a line through the three stars of Orion’s Belt. When an overwhelmingly bright star like Sirius hovers near the horizon, it doesn’t just ... Full Story

Art of Dining in Loveland

LOVELAND – The Art of Dining in Loveland will again be held Feb. 15-28, 2010, and will offer dinner deals throughout the community. Each restaurant creates their own menu with the set price of $18.77 for the year that Loveland was established. We are also partnering with the Food Bank for Larimer County to promote Your Change Can Make a Change, giving participants the option to donate your change to the Food Bank or make a cash donation. Sponsors of the 2010 Art of Dining event are; Norbel ... Full Story

Earthsky Tonight – Jan 6 2010: Quarter moon,

Earthsky Tonight – Jan 6 2010: Quarter moon, Spica

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org Our sky chart shows the sky scene for before dawn on Thursday, January 7. Notice that the last quarter moon couples up rather closely with Spica, the brightest star to light up the constellation Virgo the Maiden. Twenty-four hours before – on Wednesday, January 6 – the moon shone closer to the ringed planet Saturn. The moon changes its position daily because it never sits still in front of the background stars. ... Full Story

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