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Earthsky Tonight, January 11, 2010: Fuzzy object near

Earthsky Tonight, January 11, 2010: Fuzzy object near Sirius is a star cluster

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org A reader wrote, On November 4, I went to study the constellation Orion, but first I had to see the star Sirius and there was a glimmer below Sirius and upon looking it seemed to be a very nice comet. Has anyone else seen this? I am a newby … (and) would like someone to verify if they see this. I am quite up and excited. It wasn’t a comet, but very likely was a lovely star cluster called ... Full Story

Earthsky Tonight, January 10, 2010: Moon by

Earthsky Tonight, January 10, 2010: Moon by Scorpion’s heart

Monday morning – an hour or two before sunrise – the moon will shine right next the heart star of the constellation Scorpius. Find the waning crescent moon in the southeastern sky. Then look for the nearby reddish star. If you can’t see Scorpion’s heart with the eye alone, try binoculars. That is Antares, the brightest star in Scorpius. This ruddy gem represents the Scorpion’s beating heart. Antares is not as red as a fire engine or a tomato. To me, it is more like ... Full Story

Berthoud Wrestling Club Hosts District Tournament

Berthoud Wrestling Club Hosts District Tournament

It was a busy Saturday at the Berthoud High School gymnasiums as the Berthoud Wrestling Club hosted the Metro League District 3 Tournament. The 48 boys from Berthoud were joined by the members of eight other area clubs. Needless to say, the gymnasium was a busy place with several hundred matches throughout the day. The Metro League offers wrestling to kids 4 years to 14 and weight classes starting at 38 pounds. With five age classes and several weight classes in each, there can be as many as ... Full Story

Biddy Ball Basketball comes to Berthoud

What is Biddy Ball Basketball? It is an introduction to the game of basketball for girls and boys in kindergarten through fifth grade. It uses a smaller ball while the kindergarten through third graders play on an 8-foot high basket. Biddy Basketball has been played throughout the country for several decades but came to Loveland five years ago thanks to Gil Williams. Williams explained his passion for the game. “Biddy Ball Basketball is a way of saying basketball for small people. I ... Full Story

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