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Earthsky Tonight – Feb 26, 2010: Stars in the

Earthsky Tonight – Feb 26, 2010: Stars in the daytime

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org People often ask if stars are up there, beyond our blue sky, during the day. The answer is surely yes, because Earth is a planet in space, surrounded on all sides by stars. Here is a view looking southeast at mid-morning today or tomorrow. Of course, you really cannot see the stars, but they are there. The constellation behind the sun around now is Aquarius the Water Bearer. This is true each year between February 16 and March ... Full Story

Thompson School District Accountability Advisory

Thompson School District Accountability Advisory Committee meeting

The Public is invited to attend the meeting of the Thompson School District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) at 6 p.m. March 9 at the Administration Building (Classroom 128), 800 South Taft Avenue, Loveland. The DAAC monitors school effectiveness plans and the district's accountability process.

Larimer County Commissioners — Agenda, March 2

Administrative Matters March 2, 2010 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM Commissioners' Conference Room 200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins Please Note: Scheduled Times are Subject to Change! Please Note: If There is No Public Comment, Administrative Matters will Begin at 9:00 am Agenda Public Comment 9:00-9:30 AM Approval of Minutes for the Week of February 22. 9:30-9:33 AM Review of the Schedule for the Week of March 8. 9:33-9:36 AM Consent Agenda - is intended to allow the Board of County Commissioners ... Full Story

Ice Open 2010 Season on Saturday Against Sioux City

Are you having football withdrawal symptoms. There is a cure for football junkies who want to have their game all year round. Indoor football with the Colorado Ice might be the answer and the price is right and it is not far away. Press release from the Indoor Football League: The Colorado ICE Football team will be playing their 2010 Indoor Football League (IFL) season opener versus the Sioux City Bandits, Saturday, February 27th at the Budweiser Events Center. The annual rivalry between the ... Full Story

Vancouver Vantage Point #15

Mike Moran’s Vancouver Vantage Point #15 Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth February 25, 2010 It’s unfortunate that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t want to book a suite just yet at the toney Grand Hotel Polyana in Sochi, Russia, between February 7-23, 2014………..right now, he could get a rate of $382(US) per night if he acted quickly………….. the Black Sea resort hotel was built just three years ago by Gazprom, has great security and is separated from outsiders or ... Full Story

Fickel Park Snowmen

Fickel Park Snowmen

Will this be Berthoud’s last snowman of the year? Addison and Wyatt Spear thought they might have a fun snowball fight with the snow remaining in Fickel Park. Their friend Cliff Worrel thought the snow packed so well that they could make a snowman. With Cliff’s help, Addison and Wyatt made three snowmen. You can see them in the park as long as the weather permits.

‘Cow Dung Dust’ – Reading at Sunrise

If you missed the reading of this latest Rick Padden play at the Berthoud Four Square Church, you have another opportunity this weekend. Sunrise Ranch west of Loveland will host a staged reading of "Cow Dung Dust" on Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. in the domed auditorium at the ranch, 100 Sunrise Ranch Road. The play is about an unlikely mixture of hitchhikers is brought together in the back of an 18-wheel cattle truck going 80-miles-an-hour through the desolate stretches of Route 66 – all with reason to ... Full Story

Earthsky Tonight – Feb 25, 2010: Moon and Mars

Earthsky Tonight – Feb 25, 2010: Moon and Mars close together

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org The waxing gibbous moon and planet Mars can be seen in the eastern sky at nightfall tonight. These two worlds climb highest in the sky in mid to late evening and set in the west tomorrow before the onset of dawn. You can see the moon and Mars close together on our sky’s dome for most of the night tonight. The moon and Mars aren’t really close together in space. They only appear to be close, because they reside along the ... Full Story

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