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Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Earthsky Tonight – Mar 1, 2010: Moon and Saturn

Earthsky Tonight – Mar 1, 2010: Moon and Saturn rise shortly after dark

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org If the skies are clear, you cannot miss the planet Saturn this evening. The waning gibbous moon and Saturn rise above your eastern horizon by around 8:00 p.m. tonight. For the precise rising times for the moon and Saturn into your sky, check out the links on our almanac page. These rising times presume a level horizon. Saturn is that star-like object by tonight’s moon. Saturn is no star, however. Stars put forth their own ... Full Story

Vancouver Vantage Point—Final

America’s Olympians– The Tapestry of Our Nation February 28, 2010 #17 By Mike Moran This exhilarating U. S. Olympic Team, 216 men and women from 36 states---cities, towns and hamlets, from every imaginable background, has made much of a nation terribly proud…………winning more medals than any nation in Olympic Winter Games history and captivating more than 200 million Americans on the NBC family of networks every evening with their stories, triumphs, disappointments, laughter, tears ... Full Story

Vancouver Vantage Point —1994 Lillehamer

1994 Lillehamer "Skategate" Set Olympic Viewing Records By: Mike Moran “The Tabloid-Fueled Lillehammer Games” is a line included in an e-mail blast each day from NBC Sports that details the superb TV audience viewing numbers being racked up across the land by these compelling Games in Vancouver and the stunning performance of America’s athletes…………the reference is used regarding the viewership tally during the splendid 1994 Games in Norway marred forever by the malignant ... Full Story

Saturday at the CHSAA State Basketball Tournament

Boys Basketball While Berthoud may be out of the action, the Northern Conference is well represented with three teams in the Great 8. In the Bill Weimer Region, #1 Sierra defeated #4 Northridge 88-63 while #3 Thomas Jefferson won in a mild upset over #2 Glenwood Springs. Sterling, the #1 seed, advanced as expected in the Jim Baggot Region, but it was not easy. The game went to two overtime periods before the Tigers managed a 65-61 victory over #4 Centaurus. Meanwhile, #2 Lewis-Palmer had a ... Full Story

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