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Saturday, May 23, 2015

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Earthsky Tonight—March 12, Tangle of stars in

Earthsky Tonight—March 12, Tangle of stars in Berenice’s Hair

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science What we are about to describe requires a dark sky to be seen: a faraway cluster of stars known as “Coma Berenices.” How can you spot it? One way is to use the famous constellation Leo the Lion, now in the east each evening. Leo is relatively easy to see. The front part of the Lion looks like a backwards question mark, and the back part is a little triangle, which includes the star Denebola, marked on ... Full Story

Boys Basketball state finals — Sierra vs Pueblo East

It would have bee interesting to see both Longmont teams in the finals, but it was not to be as Pueblo East defeated the Trojans 59-52. Pueblo will face Sierra in Saturday's quest for the state championship. —

It is a Northern Conference Championship Game for

Broomfield and Longmont both won their brackets on Wednesday evening. Broomfield had an easy time with Conifer, winning 59-32. Meanwhile, in a low scoring game, the Longmont girls defeated Cheyenne Mountain  by 9 points, 49-40. They will play the finals on Friday. With Longmont still in the final four for tonight's boys semifinals, Longmont could have two champion basketball teams.

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