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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Earthsky Tonight – March 31, 2010 Mercury and

Earthsky Tonight – March 31, 2010 Mercury and Venus in same binocular field after sunset

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science If you have never seen the planet Mercury before, now is time to do so. Find the planet Venus in the western twilight after sunset, and you are pretty much assured of spotting Mercury. Venus is easy to find, because it is the third brightest celestial object to bedeck the heavens after the sun and the moon. Mercury, although considerably fainter than dazzling Venus, is still as bright as a first-magnitude star. If you can’t ... Full Story

Lions Club Reverse Raffle

Lions Club Reverse Raffle

Grace Place was bustling on Monday evening as the Berthoud Lions Club held their annual Reverse Raffle. Curtis Wilson, in his white coat and top hat added his usual wit and humor to the evening. Fort Collins Lion, Alan Beatty provide even more humor and delightful songs and tales. There were the usual groans and moans as the names were erased from the big board and dreams of the $1,000 prize evaporated. The eventual winner was not present to accept his prize. Here is the evening in ... Full Story