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Legal Notice, NFRMPO-Availability of FTA Funding

Notice of FTA funding availability for FY 2010 The purpose of this notice is to announce the availability of financial assistance for Federal Fiscal Year 2010 for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant funds administered by the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO).  This grant cycle offers one new funding opportunity for those interested in receiving FTA funding assistance  - Section 5316/Job Access/Reverse Commute (JARC). The NFRMPO expects to have approximately ... Full Story

America Needs Union Competition

America Needs Union Competition

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson I agree with President Obama that we need more labor unions. However, I disagree with his approach. Full disclosure: I have been a dues-payer to both the United Auto Workers and the National Education Association unions. My sympathies are heavily tilted toward the interests of the men and women who do the work that makes America go. For that reason, I strongly oppose the dishonestly named “Employee Free Choice Act, ” which aims to deprive workers of secret ... Full Story

Earthsky Tonight—June 3: See Draco the Dragon and a

Courtesy of EarthSky   A Clear Voice for Science If you have a dark sky, you will be able to pick the constellationDraco the Dragon winding around the North Star, Polaris. First, find the Big Dipper high in the north on June evenings. The two outer stars in the Dipper’s bowl point to Polaris, the North Star, which marks the end of the Little Dipper’s handle. The Little Dipper is relatively faint. If you can find both Dippers, then your sky is probably pretty dark. In ... Full Story