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Earthsky Tonight—July 27, Saturn, Mars, Venus –

Earthsky Tonight—July 27, Saturn, Mars, Venus – close pairing of Regulus and Mercury

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org The planets Saturn, Mars and Venus are still in the west after sunset, to the delight of stargazers across the globe. In addition, the planet Mercury –our solar system’s innermost world – teams up with Regulus around now in the same part of the sky. Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion. Tonight, Mercury and Regulus form the year’s closest pairing of a planet with a first-magnitude star. Look for ... Full Story

Water Plagiarism Expands

Water Plagiarism Expands

Plagiarism by Elected Officials Deceives Public in Northern Colorado Press Release by Save the Poudre (July 13, 2010) Fort Collins, CO --  The Denver Post revealed that gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis plagiarized water writings from Gregory Hobbs who is now a Colorado Supreme Court Justice.  McInnis was paid $300,000 for the plagiarized writings. Similar plagiarism has occurred by currently elected officials in northern Colorado.  Three separate officials published under their own ... Full Story

Update on Berthoud Suicide

Richard Vivez's body was discovered by an overnight guest at his residence at 506 Welch Avenue, Berthoud, Colorado. When Berthoud  Officer Vasquez responded to the complaint of a barking dog, the guest contacted the officer to inform him about the deceased. The initial investigation indicates that the the probable cause of death was from self inflicted injuries. the police press release does not indicate the type of injuries. There has been a tremendous outpouring of comments to this site ... Full Story