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Friday, April 27, 2018

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Earthsky Tonight—August 6, Mercury challenging, but

Earthsky Tonight—August 6, Mercury challenging, but easiest to see around August 6

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Mercury, the innermost planet of the solar system, is not often visible in our sky because it is always near the sun. When this inner world does become visible, it appears but briefly in the evening after sunset – or in the morning before sunrise. At present Mercury shines as an evening “star.” Today, Mercury reaches its greatest elongation for the entire year: 27 degrees east of the sun. (Your fist at an arm length ... Full Story

New teachers sit in class today

New teachers sit in class today

teachers for Thompson School District arrived at Mountain View High High School for a day of orientation on Thursday. The morning began with an introduction to the Thompson Education Association, the local teacher’s union and continued with district staff. Berthoud will be getting  ten new teachers and a part time school nurse this year. Ivy Stockwell Elementary Jennifer Preusse, Kindergarten Teacher Donna Conde, School Nurse  Lindsay Hastings, Speech and Language Therapy Turner ... Full Story

Town Administrator Hart talks water

By Judy Lehn Wednesday’s Citizen First forum on Berthoud water drew about 50 residents who wanted to hear what Town Administrator Michael Hart had to say. The subjects covered ranged from the annual foul smelling and tasting water, to the “exorbitant” water bills paid by town citizens. Hart began by saying that the Town is doing a full assessment of anything that has to do with water quality. The reservoir “went upside down” a month early this year, which did not give the town quite ... Full Story