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EarthSky Tonight—August 16, August best time to see

EarthSky Tonight—August 16, August best time to see random meteors

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Astronomy is said to be the people’s science in part because anyone, regardless of training, can participate. There is so much you can observe in the sky, even without a telescope, and of course, meteors – also called shooting stars – are high on the list. When will the next meteor shower occur? That depends on what you mean by meteor shower. If your shower has to be a recognized and recurring event, then there are fewer ... Full Story

Yes, The U.S. is a democracy

Yes, The U.S. is a democracy

To the Editor, There they go again with their “the USA is not a democracy” nonsense. The Tea Party and 9/12 groups insist that we are a constitutional republic, but not a democracy. A republic is defined as any government that is not a monarchy. We have no king or queen; hence ours must be a republic -- like many others. China is a communist republic; Iran is an Islamic republic. What kind of “republic” are we? We have a constitution, so it’s fair to say, yes, we’re a ... Full Story

School Board member Dennis Brietbarth passes away

I received the following press release from Thompson School District this morning. I am deeply saddened by the loss. Dennis and I served together on the McKee Foundation board and we always visited at the meetings and at the Board of Education meetings. He was dedicated to public service and his passing is a great loss to the community and to me personally. Gary Wamsley Update :Services will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church, 3333 North Dunfield Ave., Loveland, Colorado on Tuesday, August 17 ... Full Story