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Sunday, December 21, 2014

2011 Ivy Stockwell Jog-A-Thon fund-raiser

A Jogger-Riffic Time

By Thomas N.

Ivy Stockwell Elementary School will be holding its annual fund-raiser and this year it will be the schools first jog-a-thon, to take place April 18-20. This event will raise funds for the school including activities such as reading programs, subscriptions for learning through technology, and summer science camps. It will also fund special projects sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization. Students are not collecting pledges door-to-door, so if you know a neighbor or a friend who has an Ivy Stockwell student and you are interested in supporting this event, you should contact them.

Pledges per-lap and donations can be made with students from April 7-20.The students will participate in the jog-a-thon during recess time and will have 15 minutes to run as many laps as possible around the Ivy Stockwell baseball and grass fields. Every participating student will receive a free jump rope courtesy of Modern Woodman and a t-shirt from Healthy Kids Club. Classes who earn over $1,100 will go on a field trip to Jumpin’ in Loveland or the Longmont Recreation Center. The school has a goal of $12,000 and if the goal is reached, selected students will have the opportunity to throw water balloons at the school’s principal, Ms. Richer. Statistics from the PTO: if every Ivy student raises $50 in pledges the school would make over $17,000 and if every student raises $100 dollars the school would raise over $+34,000.  What a great goal.

If you want to help, especially by sponsoring a student who does not have a sponsor, you can call the school at 970-631-6100 and Ms. Holly Ross will take down your information.

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