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Monday, April 23, 2018

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Sky Tonight—Feb 23, Moon by Scorpion’s Crown

Sky Tonight—Feb 23, Moon by Scorpion’s Crown before tomorrow’s dawn

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Visit EarthSky at www.EarthSky.org Before dawn tomorrow – on Thursday, February 24 – the moon will be near the upper part of the constellation Scorpius. These three stars are sometimes called the Crown of the Scorpion. Scorpius – which now rises in the south-southeastern sky an hour or two after midnight – is the constellation of the Scorpion. Individually, the Crown stars are Graffias, Dschubba, and Pi Scorpii. It is rare when star ... Full Story

Recorder adds “Slice of Life,” by Jill

The Recorder Online hopes you will enjoy  Jill Pertler's "Slices of Life." Pertler is an award-winning freelance writer, author, photographer and syndicated columnist. She lives in northern Minnesota, mostly because her family does, and she'd miss them if she moved somewhere warmer, like Iowa. Still, a girl can dream. She shares her life, her home and just about everything else with her husband, four kids, cat and dog. She has touched people's hearts and funny bones with her self-syndicated ... Full Story

Slices of Life, by Jill Pertler

Slices of Life, by Jill Pertler

A woman who tells you where to go By: Jill Pertler My husband has a new lady friend. He shares her with our three sons, who are also sweet on the most recent family acquaintance. They are, in a word, enamored. Under normal circumstances, I might feel threatened – what with my four guys throwing their rapt attention toward another woman’s voice – but these aren’t normal circumstances. That’s because the woman in question, we call her “Carmen,” isn’t a female in the true sense ... Full Story