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Killer Special Teams Lead Bees to First Shutout at BEC

Killer Special Teams Lead Bees to First Shutout at BEC

LOVELAND, Colo. - The Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees defeated the Colorado Eagles, 2-0, at the Budweiser Events Center, marking the first time the Eagles were shutout at home in their history (regular season or playoffs). Juliano Pagliero stopped 45 shots -- a season high for Rio Grande Valley -- and the Bees special teams were the difference, going 8-for-8 on the penalty kill and 2-for-4 on the power play. The Bees got the only goal they'd need at 7:47 of the first period when they took ... Full Story

Operation Honor Guard

Operation Honor Guard

  Operation Honor Guard Established by SupportOurTroops.Org to Protect Military Funerals Against Protestors SupportOurTroops.Org Upholds the Honor and Dignity of Fallen Soldiers and Families at Military Funerals       Daytona Beach, FL – This past Tuesday, March 2, 2011, the Supreme Court in Snyder v. Phelps, et al, 562 U.S. ___ (2011), ruled that the First Amendment protects the right of ne’er-do-wells to visibly and audibly protest in the face of family ... Full Story

Movie Review: Rango

Movie Review: Rango

A Unique Movie By Thomas N. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) movies are quite common in the theaters now. Pixar releases a film annually, DreamWorks Animation releases an average of three CGI movies a year, and there are many other movies released by smaller production companies. It is difficult for a CGI film to standout in the crowd. While Rango tries admirably to be unique, with stunning visuals, and interesting cinematography, the movie still comes up short due to a generic story line and ... Full Story

Lundberg Legislative Report March 5, 2011

Lundberg Legislative Report March 5, 2011 Topics: 1. Civil Unions 2. Obamacare and Judge Vinson 3. Meeting with Governor 4. My Bills 1. SB-172, creating civil unions in Colorado, will be heard in Judiciary Committee on Monday. Even though the people rejected such a measure on the ballot in 2006, the sponsors are moving forward. In the Senate all Democrats are listed as sponsors, so it will pass the Senate. Hopefully the House will be a different matter. The bill is filled with legal ... Full Story

The Girl Scout cookie conspiracy

Rev. James L. Snyder I am not a great believer in conspiracies. I do not believe Bigfoot really exists except in the strained imaginations of some people. Some want to believe in Bigfoot, and some need to believe in Bigfoot. I'm not one of them. I do not believe in the Loch Ness monster. I am sure some Scotsman, after a few nips at the jug, saw something. One thing about the Loch Ness monster is it has been good for tourist trade in Scotland. Who but a Scotsman could figure out a ... Full Story

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day

  Cooling Neutron Star Credit: X-ray: NASA / CXC / UNAM / Ioffe / D.Page, P.Shternin et al; Optical: NASA / STScI; Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss) Explanation: Supernova remnant Cassiopeia A (Cass A) is a comfortable 11,000 light-years away. Light from the Cass A supernova, the death explosion of a massive star, first reached Earth just 330 years ago. The expanding debris cloud spans about 15 light-years in this composite X-ray/optical image, while the bright source near ... Full Story

Sky Tonight—March 6, Crescent moon and Jupiter after

Sky Tonight—March 6, Crescent moon and Jupiter after sunset

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Visit EarthSky at As seen from North America on March 6, the waxing crescent moon and dazzling planet Jupiter shine nearly side by side in the western sky after sunset. Understanding moon phases Given clear skies, virtually everyone in the northern hemisphere will see the two brightest celestial bodies of the March evening sky – the moon and Jupiter – at dusk and nightfall tonight. In Europe, Africa, and Asia, ... Full Story

Larimer County Commissioners’ Schedule

  Larimer County Commissioners' Schedule March 7 ñ 11, 2011 NOTE: Commissioner Gaiter will be attending National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, Washington DC March 4 ñ 10, 2011 Monday, March 7, 2011 7:00am - 8:00am Republican Breakfast Club, Best Western, Hwy 34 & I-25, Loveland 3:00pm - 6:00pm Land Use Items with Development Review Team, Hearing Room, 1st Floor Pledge Of Allegiance Public Comment On The County Land Use Code Public Comment On ... Full Story

Larimer County Commissioners: Administrative Matters

Administrative Matters March 8, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Commissioners' Conference Room 200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins   Please Note: Scheduled Times are Subject to Change! * Please Note: If There is No Public Comment, Administrative Matters will Continue with Agenda at 9:00 am Agenda *Public Comment 9:00-9:05 a.m. Approval of Minutes for the Week of February 28. 9:05-9:08 a.m. Review of the Schedule for the Week of March 14. 9:08-9:11 a.m. Consent ... Full Story

Two opposing Views of CSAP

Colorado Department of Education Commissioner Robert Hammond Reaffirms Importance Of CSAP In Student Learning As schools across Colorado begin administering the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) this week, Commissioner Robert Hammond today encouraged students to do their best on the statewide exams. “Colorado students have shown tremendous commitment to CSAP for years and we encourage all students to show what they know on this important assessment,” said Commissioner Hammond. ... Full Story

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