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Sky Tonight—March 29, Moon and Venus low in east at

Sky Tonight—March 29, Moon and Venus low in east at dawn tomorrow

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Visit EarthSky at As seen from mid-northern latitudes on Wednesday, March 30, the waning crescent moon and the blazing planet Venus will be sitting low over the eastern horizon, starting around an hour before sunrise. Any obstructions – such as trees or houses – might block your view of Venus. The moon will be easier to spot because it will be higher up in the sky. Venus is the third brightest celestial body to light up the ... Full Story

Death of Steve Sanford

This from Jeff Goody this evening: (March 28)   A very good person passed away today. Steve Sanford left this earth. To my knowelge, he was the 1st person we lost from the Berthoud class of 82. Please say a prayer for Steve as he left a wife and 2 children. He will be missed

Libya, Gaddafi the baby killer

Libya, Gaddafi the baby killer

  Opinion and fact By Gary Wamsley   While the response to President Obama's speech tonight will be varied and his enemies will no doubt attack him. Howerver, the response from the Libyan community is overwhelmingly in support. Here are some example of the "tweets" on the Libyan Youth Movement twitter site. "Americans standing by the Libya and its people set an example that will go down in history." "Great speech from Obama today. Clear, precise goals. Standing for basic human ... Full Story

Slices of Life, Doggone good advice from the Cat

Slices of Life, Doggone good advice from the Cat

By: Jill Pertler Meow. It’s me again, the Cat. You may remember my discourse from a previous occasion. Today I’ve brought my vast cat intelligence to fill your ordinary day with a dose of feline insight. Lucky you. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have the universe at my whiskertips and I’m not afraid to say so. Cats rule the world. Oh sure, humans pay the rent, but we control the house – and all the contents therein. Including the dog. Take my dog (and I mean that in the literal ... Full Story

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