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Berthoud Fire Beat: May 2011

Berthoud Fire Beat: May 2011

  Berthoud Fire Protection District Incident Summary, May 2011 Sunday, May 1 BFPD responded to a medical call at 401 N County Road 27E for a patient complaining of chest pains. The patient was transported by Thompson Valley EMS. BFPD responded to a medical call at 855 Franklin Avenue. Crews assisted Thompson Valley EMS and the patient was transported. Monday, May 2 BFPD responded to a possible out of control burn at 5417 Foothills Drive. Crews found a homeowner with a manageable sized ... Full Story

One word not in my vocabulary

One word not in my vocabulary Rev. James L. Snyder I have long been an avid reader of Webster's New World dictionary of the American language. My well-thumbed copy suggests I have done a lot of reading in it. It is the one book within easy reach of my study. Although I enjoy reading it, it does not have much of a plot. Whenever I get the idea that I know many words, and people can be proud of stupid things like this, I pull down my dictionary and begin reading. Although I have read it many ... Full Story

Life’s Outtakes – The Contest For The Best

By Daris Howard   I was practicing the 100 meter hurdles when a young man came running up to me. “Coach wants you in his office immediately! ” I hurried in, and found three other young men already there. Coach frowned as I entered. “Kinda slow, Howard. ” “Sorry, Sir, ” I replied. “I was at the track. ” Coach turned so he could face all four of us. “You are to report to the journalism room. ” “Should we change first? ” I asked. “No, and there’s no time for that ... Full Story

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