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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Slices of Life: Learning to relax

Slices of Life: Learning to relax

  By: Jill Pertler     Forced relaxation. It’s an oxymoron of terms, but all too real in our present day culture. Technology has us plugged in, turned on and connected 24/7. The only way we can relax is if we are forced to do so. That’s because we value productivity and time-management nearly as much as we value cell phone apps and electric gizmos. We’ve even coined phrases like multi-tasking to describe our prowess with the concept of busy. There’s no ... Full Story

A delightful afternoon with the IRS

Rev. James L. Snyder I do not get as many letters as I used to do, which may be due to the Internet or to the fact that I do not have as many literate friends as I used to. I still like getting a letter, as long as it is a letter and not a bill. Bill used to write me but he was always asking for money. I did get a letter this past week. It was unexpected but it was from a family member. Good old Uncle Sam sent me an epistle this past week. I was anxious to see how he was getting along. I ... Full Story

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