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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Heartland Institute threatens 71-year-old veteran

  By Gary Wamsley Editor When I read the original articles on the release of confidential documents from the Heartland Institute board meeting, (see They’re Coming for Your Kids)  I was infuriated. I reacted by sending a strongly worded email to the president and all the board members of the Heartland Institute. Surprisingly, one board member and institute president Joseph Bast responded to my email. Bast’s response is one that I would consider threatening. He said he was turning the ... Full Story

Thunder Double-Up Eagles

Thunder Double-Up Eagles in First of Back-to-Back Meetings STOCKTON, Calif. - The Stockton Thunder defeated the Colorado Eagles, 4-2, in the first of back-to-back meetings this weekend.  The game was Colorado's fourth in five days, and the middle match of three in a row in the state of California.  Goaltender Robby Nolan stopped 31 of 35 shots in his Eagles debut. As is common when the Eagles & Thunder meet, the first period featured fast-paced action with plenty of scoring chances.  ... Full Story

They’re Coming for Your Kids

  Recently leaked documents from the Heartland Institute, a right wing funded think tank, outline a sinister plot to teach phony science and to dissuade teachers from teaching science in out schools. The documents were first published on desmogblog.com, a site dedicated to combating the disinformation campaign of climate change deniers. Heartland reacted quickly on Wednesday when the documents first appeared, claiming they were stolen and that at least one was fake. One of the articles ... Full Story

Quote of the Day

Foster Freiss, billionaire backing Santorum “This contraception thing, my gosh, it's so inexpensive,” Freiss told host Andrea Mitchell. “You know, back in my days, they'd use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly.”   The the rest of the Washington Post article HERE

The GOP’s War on Women

The GOP’s War on Women

  By Gary Wamsley   Republicans have seized on the insurance provided contraception provision of the Affordable Health Care Act to attack President Obama as being at war with religion. Of course Romney, Santorium and Gingrich immediately piled on the hay wagon for what they think is a free ride to increased popularity with their political base. The Catholic Biships, not satisfied with the president’s compromise want nothing less that having their religious dogma forced upon the rest ... Full Story

How Violence Protects the State

  By Stephanie Van Hook On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, he spoke passionately in a sermon at Riverside Church in New York about the war in Vietnam. In this gripping speech about the hypocrisy of bringing democracy through napalm and the audacity of fostering a brotherhood through war and killing, he made a daring confession: “I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken ... Full Story

Premier Gymnastics, Chicago Style

  By Julee Graham Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies in Loveland, participated this past weekend, in the largest gymnastic meet in the world. “Chicago Style,” in Chicago, Illinois. Over 4,ooo gymnasts participated from all over the country plus Mexico Bailie Holst, Level 10 Gymnast, won the All-Around title with a score of 36.825 in the 16yr. old Division. Holst placed 1st on Vault with a 9.5 and 1st on Beam with a 9.3. Holst also placed 3rd on Bars and 4th on Floor. Anisha Alvarado, ... Full Story

Eagles Stretch Winning Streak to Six With 5-1 Win Over

Eagles Stretch Winning Streak to Six With 5-1 Win Over Steelheads

LOVELAND, Colo. - The Colorado Eagles defeated the Idaho Steelheads, 5-1, extending their winning streak to six games with balanced scoring as five different players found the back of the net.  Kyle Jones picked up his sixth win in a row as well, increasing his season total to 23 -- 2nd-most in the ECHL. The teams skated to a scoreless opening frame that saw Colorado out-shoot Idaho 11-4, despite the Steelheads being awarded the only two power plays of the period. There was an extra 30 minute ... Full Story

Valentine’s Day Not So Sweet For Spartans

Valentine’s Day Not So Sweet For Spartans

Berthoud Girls and Boys Teams Fall To University By Dan Karpiel Sports Writer   Despite a valiant effort on Valentine’s Day, it was the home time who found their game just a few candies short of a full box. In their regular season home finale against the University Bulldogs, the Berthoud High Lady Spartans ended up on the short end of the 38-33 final score. More specifically, it was in the second period where the Lady Spartans found their basketball bouquet lacking. Berthoud was ... Full Story

Lobbyists are picking our pockets!

Lobbyists are picking our pockets!

                    Dear Editor, As the deadline nears for health insurance companies to return nearly $1.4 billion to consumers for wasting our money, the lobbyists have moved in to stop it. Two bills have surfaced in Congress to undermine our rebates, putting most of the money we deserve right back into insurance company pockets! We’re not going to let the lobbyists have their way. We need you, and anyone you know who’s concerned about ... Full Story

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