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Sunday, November 29, 2015

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10 Myths About Iran

10 Myths About Iran

        And Why They're Dead Wrong Here's the truth about Iran By Jasmin Ramsey March 8, 2012  | As media reports continue to imply that a military confrontation with Iran is closer than ever, rhetoric demonizing the Iranian government is rampant, particularly among Israeli leaders and most Republican presidential candidates—so much so that former Israeli Mossad director Efraim Halevy recently complained that Mitt Romney is “making the situation worse” with his ... Full Story

A Tale of Three Apologies: Ed Schultz, Cal Thomas, and

  Compare the difference between apologies of Rush Limbaugh and those of Ed Schultz and Cal Thomas: Schultz and Thomas both appeared publicly to make their apologies (Schultz's on air apology to Laura Ingraham and to the public lasted approximately 10 minutes) and made a telephone call to the "victium" to make a personal apology. Schultz took a week of unpaid leave from his television show. Limbaugh did none of those things. He really did not apologize for what he said, only for using ... Full Story

Ultrasound, War, Women and Death

Ultrasound: About truthfulness in our public notices By Michael N. Nagler for PeaceVoice Coming as it did in time for International Women’s Day, the decision of legislators in Virginia, to require women seeking an abortion to undergo a vaginal probe and see ultrasound images of their unborn infants has aroused considerable outrage. And controversy.  Some (mostly Democrats) see it as an invasion of women’s privacy, if not technically a kind of rape, while others (mostly Republicans) say, ... Full Story

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