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Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Local Vietnam Veteran announces for Loveland City

Local Vietnam Veteran announces for Loveland City Council

  David Hallet recently chose McKee Park to announce his candidacy for Ward 4. In Hallet’s words, “Today I announce that I am a candidate for Loveland City Council for Ward 4. My vision is simple, the people first, and always. I chose to live in Loveland for three reasons; the diverse elements contributing to an excellent quality of life; the beauty of the city and clean environment; as well the balance of growth and historical preservation. This said I have been very disappointed in ... Full Story

Responsible Gun Owner of the Day

Responsible Gun Owner of the Day

  Toddler Shoots Self, Gun Owner Immediately Arrested by Kristina Chew Toddlers and guns: you’ve very likely already read one too many reports about a small child finding a gun and killing someone or even her or himself. There have been way, way too many such stories lately, each one more a glaring reminder about the United State’s failed efforts to reform gun control laws.On Sunday, 3-year-old Damon C. Holbrook found a .40-caliber handgun loaded with 15 rounds in an ... Full Story

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