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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Humor is the Cure, Gravy

Humor is the Cure, Gravy

By Gerri Hunter Gravy.  Just typing the word is probably enough to finish this article.  Humans swoon when they see or hear this word.  This word makes even snooty people groan with pleasure. When you purchase a nice set of china at a department store, it comes with a sugar bowl, creamer and a gravy boat.  I have always felt cheated when I look at a gravy boat.  It’s too small.  The word boat suggests a piece of china that can hold lots of ... Full Story

When Is A Good Time To Start Receiving Social Security

When Is A Good Time To Start Receiving Social Security Benefits

By Josh Weller Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Denver, Colorado Enjoying a comfortable retirement is everyone’s dream. For over 80 years, Social Security has been helping people realize those dreams, assisting people through life’s journey with a variety of benefits. It’s up to you as to when you can start retirement benefits. You could start them a little earlier or wait until your “full retirement age.” There are benefits to either decision, pun ... Full Story