November 2015
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Friday, November 27, 2015

3 votes for Mr. Smith

Smith is a capable leader

I have studied the race for county sheriff and researched the candidates thoroughly, because I know that it is important to choose the most prepared and the most qualified candidate to lead public safety in the county. I have to conclude that both of the major newspapers are correct. Justin Smith is the one and only candidate who is capable of leading the sheriff’s department. He has the credentials, he is of high character and he has taken the time to learn the job. Join me in voting Justin Smith for Sheriff.

Deanna C Sloat
Loveland, CO

Smith is Most Capable Candidate for Sheriff

In the race to elect the next Sheriff for Larimer County, we have three very different candidates. The first, Mr. Bean, is a hunting guide who was a police officer in the 80s. The second, Deputy Harrison, is a former corporal and former K-9 officer, whose specialty is training dogs. The third, Major Smith, is a twenty-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office who has earned promotions through the ranks and who has experience in all aspects of the duties of the Sheriff and who has served with honor. Justin Smith has prepared himself by continuing his education throughout his career. After earning his Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership in Criminal Justice, he was appointed as an adjunct professor at CSU, where he helps to educate the next generation of criminal justice professionals.

I want a capable, forward-looking leader like Justin Smith leading our Sheriff’s Office into the coming decade. Join me in supporting Justin Smith to be our next Sheriff.

Marc Weber
Fort Collins

Smith for the Future

I am honored to support Justin Smith for Sheriff. He is the one candidate who talks about a better future for our county, one of collaboration between city and county government. County government is doing more with less and needs to continue on that vein. It is necessary for our tax dollars to work as hard as possible and for our elected officials to be accountable to us.

Not only does Justin talk about accountability, he has practiced it throughout his career. Over the last two budget cycles, for example, he has helped trim over $2 million from the current Sheriff’s Office budget without negatively impacting our safety.

He has a forward-looking plan for public safety in our community and he has my full support. I ask for your thoughtful consideration in support of Justin Smith for Sheriff. Thank you,

Irene Josey
Larimer County

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