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Friday, December 19, 2014

A Big Thank you to all of the BATs volunteers!

Letter to the editor 2 A Big Thank you to all of the BATs volunteers!Letter to the Editor-

A Big Thank you to all of the BATs volunteers!

In a recent editorial posted at, the writer correctly wrote that there are no Transportation Board Members listed on the Town web site. Although they are not listed on the web site there are in fact two current Transportation Board members-Eileen Hoover and Cliff Uber. There has been a hold placed on all Boards until Town Administrator Mike Hart can review Town volunteer board’s membership, responsibilities and procedures.

In addition to serving on the Transportation Board, Eileen Hoover is a BATs volunteer logging in many hours per week. Eileen also volunteers at Turner Middle School. There are at least ten volunteers who work answering phones at the Berthoud Community Center front desk for BATs. These volunteers (my mother Rebecca included) do a wonderful job. BATs volunteers are the heart of the BATs program. They answer the BAT phone line and gather all of the information needed to arrange for a pick-up. Thank you to all of the BATs volunteers!

Dorian Ryan Tacy

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