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Monday, November 30, 2015

A major boost for Jill Stein For President:

A major boost for Jill Stein For President:

Ben Manski hired as campaign manager

(BOSTON) In what several observers have called a “major step up,” Dr. Jill Stein announced this morning the hire of Ben Manski to serve as the campaign manager of her Green Party presidential campaign. Manski is a recognized leader in the national democracy movement, a former co-chair of the national Green Party, an experienced hand in federal, state and local election campaigns, and the most successful independent party candidate in Wisconsin since 1944. Media theorist Robert W. McChesney has said that Manski is, “one of the most visionary emerging young public figures in America today.”

In making the announcement, Jill Stein said, “I’m incredibly honored to have Ben Manski joining my campaign as campaign manager. As a leader in the national democracy movement, as well as a former co-chair of the Green Party, he brings the full force of converging social movements into our campaign. With his help, we intend to provide the strong electoral voice that this movement deserves. Ben Manski is ideally positioned to bring people together to make this happen.”

Manski is a rising star in the progressive movement. In 2004, he founded the Liberty Tree Foundation, a strategy center dedicated to “building a democracy movement for the U.S.A..” At Liberty Tree, Manski launched the No Stolen Elections! Campaign, which became the basis for the Ohio Recount; he co-founded the Move to Amend coalition, the largest coalition dedicated to overturning Citizens United via constitutional amendment; he initiated the Wisconsin Wave, a leading anti-austerity coalition responsible for some of the largest protests in Wisconsin this past year; and he chaired the 2011 Democracy Convention. Manski is taking a leave from Liberty Tree to work for the Stein campaign.

According to John Andrews, senior advisor to the campaign, “Ben Manski has been a key leader in the uprising in Wisconsin that stymied the attacks on working people in that state. He’s proven that he knows how to engage grassroots forces in effective political action. It’s a great sign for the Stein campaign that we were able to recruit such a capable person to lead our campaign team.”

Manski brings both significant electioneering and Green Party experience, as noted by the respected Ballot Access News, “Manski has degrees in law and sociology, and has been a political activist with the Green Party ever since the party has existed. He was Midwest Field Director for Ralph Nader’s run in 2000, a field director of Greenpeace, an organizing director with Progressive Dane, national director of Campus Greens, and co-chair of the national Green Party. In 2010 Manski ran a competitive race for the Wisconsin legislature, winning 31.1% of the vote in a 4-candidate race and placing ahead of the Republican nominee. If all the ballots in which voters used the straight-ticket device had been excluded, he would have won the election.”

Said Manski, “Jill Stein has already brought unity and energy to a political party whose best election year is upon us. I signed on with Dr. Stein because she has the personal qualities of clarity and charisma I look for in a messenger, and I am eager to help her and the rest of our team deliver the Green Party’s message in 2012.”


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