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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Advertising Rate Sheet for Berthoud Recorder and Lyons Recorder

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The Berthoud Recorder

Berthoud Recorder Circulation

Distribution: 1,400 each Thursday. All 5,000 households twice/year

Communities served Berthoud and surrounding area; 80513 zip code

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 Berthoud Recorder Demographics (2000 Census)

The 80513 Zip Code covers approximately 75 square miles in southern Larimer County and western Weld County, Colorado and includes the Town of Berthoud. The population in 2000 was approximately 11,000 people with slightly over 4,000 housing units. The population of the Town of Berthoud made up 47% of the total, while the remainder lived in rural and semi-rural surroundings. There has been little growth in the town in the past decade.  However rural Larimer County has shown steady growth, predominately in estate style homes on two acre or larger lots. The Post Office now lists 4,800 delivery points. Over 86% of homes are owner occupied.

The median age is 37 years, with 10% of the population age 60 and older and 23% of the population under 20-years-old. This is a highly educated group. Among people 25 years or older, 94% have a high school diploma and 31% have a bachelors degree or higher. Thirty-eight percent consider themselves management or professionals. The median income in 2000 was $63,731 with 21% of the population earning $100,000 or more.

Household Income

Less than $10,000           2%

$10,000 – 34,999        18%

$35,000 – 49,999       16%

$50,000 – 74,999         26%

$75,000 – 99,999         17%

$100,000 +                21% 

The population is predominately white (92%) with Hispanic/Latino making up 7%.


About Our Community


The Town of Berthoud

Berthoud is a small town located approximately half way between Longmont and Loveland, Colorado. It is surrounded largely by farmland. “Old Town,” with its mature trees overarching the city streets gives the town a special character. The town has three small parks and land has been acquired for a future 40-acre park and recreation center. Berthoud plays host to a burgeoning arts community that includes the Berthoud Dance Company, the Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance, the Wildfire Community Arts Center, and the Wildfire Theater Company. The town recently completed a major construction project in the downtown. A complete replacement of the underground infrastructure and new paving was augmented by new design enhancements that have made the downtown more visually appealing.

There are few retail stores in town. The major outlets are the Ace Hardware Store, Hays Market, Berthoud Drug, the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Shop, and three liquor stores. There are a great any commodities that cannot be purchased in town.

The area is considered a “bedroom community” with most residents commuting to work as far away as the Denver metro area. The majority of shopping is also done out of town with the nearby cities of Longmont and Loveland being major destinations.


Sales Tax Information: Source: BBC Research and Consulting for the City of Berthoud


  Sales Tax Records                   Tax Leakage  

Grocery                                  71%  

Restaurant                               61%  

Alcoholic beverage                    26%  

Household furniture & equip      82%  

Apparel                                     100%  

Transportation                           83%  

Entertainment                            82%  

Personal care                            96% 

Reading                                      100%  

Tobacco products                      71%         

Total retail tax leakage          78%

 ** Sales tax leakage indicates that people living in and around Berthoud are shopping elsewhere, spending millions of dollars in other communities.

Rural Berthoud

The area outside the town limits has been growing steadily since the last census. Many of the new homes are in the million-dollar category. There is still considerable agricultural activity in the area, especially in Weld County, which includes two dairy farms and large grain operations. Both counties have a large horse population which supports an extensive hay industry. There are several small cattle operations and an extensive 4-H program which includes cattle, sheep, swine, llamas, alpacas and poultry.

Once an integral part of the economic structure of the town, the rural area is now connected through the schools, churches and 4-H.


Schools:The schools in Berthoud are part of the Thompson School district which encompasses Loveland and Berthoud. There are two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school which serve the entire area. All the schools are highly rated.

Library services: The area is served by the Berthoud Area Community Library District, supported by tax dollars from Larimer County residents, but providing service to all who come. The library has an extensive community outreach which includes many programs for youth.

Fire Protection: The entire area falls within the boundaries of the Berthoud Fire Protection District. The district is well maintained and has earned an insurance industry ISO 3 rating, giving the residents excellent insurance rates. The District has two stations, Station #1 is in downtown Berthoud, Station #2 is located three miles west in rural Larimer County.

Ambulance Service: Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services is a special district supported by property taxes. The service works closely with the Berthoud Fire Protection District and maintains a full time facility in Berthoud.

Water: The Town of Berthoud provides water and waste water services to town residents and some nearby subdivisions. The rural areas are served by the Little Thompson Water District which has its treatment facility at Carter Lake, a large reservoir in the foothills.


Advertise with us and tap into the potential this market offers!
 Berthoud residents have money to spend.
  67 % have over $50,000 household income
20 % have $100,000 or more in household income

Berthoud is a growing community!
85% of all Berthoud residents commute outside of Berthoud daily.

Independent sources confirm:
Residents have higher than average incomes
Berthoud experiences huge retail tax leakage

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