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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Alternatives to Violence offers counseling

The Survivors of Sexual Assault program at Alternatives to Violence (ATV) is committed to offering a wide variety of services to survivors and their loved ones. One way to begin the healing process is though therapy. Sexual assault can include stranger, acquaintance, family and intimate partner assault, all of which involve taking away the power of the victim. During therapy, you can start to find your inner strength to become empowered over your situation. Therapy is a place to learn coping skills, process thoughts, emotions, and behaviors related to assault, learn safety skills, and much more.

ATV’s Survivors of Sexual Assault group therapy is 8 weeks in length, combining information about sexual assault and therapy. Together, group members can complete the material which includes: learning new information, understanding and processing experiences and learning new skills to deal with the aftermath of assault. Trauma often causes a struggle in dealing with memories and thoughts related to the assault which creates a feeling of being “stuck”. Techniques in this group can help you gain an understanding of these thoughts and how to deal with them.  Other example topics include ‘was I raped?’, types of sexual assault, myths, self-blame, recognizing red flags, and boundaries. The group is a safe place to share and know that you are not alone.

Other services include advocacy and crisis intervention. A team of dedicated therapists and advocates offer support in person or over the phone. ATV has an after hours crisis line in cases of emergencies or safety concerns and provides crisis intervention and emotional support. ATV also supplies community resources and referrals assisting with emergency medical and legal needs, food, housing and clothing. ATV also works closely with hospital and law enforcement services.

ATV is also pleased to offer education for the community. Presentations are available to schools and other community groups or organizations. Topics include information about: sexual assault, drug facilitated assaults, power and control, safety planning and victim blaming. Presentations can be tailored to each group.

For more information about our services or how you can help the sexual assault program, call our office at 970-669-5150 or visit Alternatives to Violence’s website at



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