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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Animal House Receives Second Chance

Press Release

After asking the community for a second chance, Animal House received an overwhelming influx of community support. “No words can truly express how deeply we are affected by the recent outpouring of support from our community,” exclaims Executive Director, Sandra Risler.

Within 24 hours, the small Fort Collins shelter received close to 100 donations to their website and countless people visiting the shelter to help. Animal House has saved close to 1,500 homeless animals since opening 4 years ago and in order to continue needed the community to step in and help.

“After the media told our story, people were calling and walking in to show their support. From a young boy donating his hard earned $14 to flowers and cupcakes brought in to boost staff spirits, the public has spoken. And it says that it wants our small shelter to continue doing our important work of saving these last chance pets,” Risler states.

Because of that response, Animal House believes that they have finally turned the corner for financial and future stability. On Thursday night, fifteen community professionals came together to form committees to steer Animal House’s future. In amazement Risler exclaims, “Resources that we have needed for so long are now being offered to us. This is what we needed. Not food for the day but the means for which to grow it.”

To be a champion for life, visit or call (970) 224-3647.

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