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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Another Exciting Week in Berthoud

By Gary Wamsley

I am so happy we are finally back on standard time. The chickens are happy about it too since I am not going out to feed them while it is still dark and disturbing their sleep in the process. Being sensible creatures and not having a clock to look at, they take advantage of the hours of darkness to rest. It seems like a good idea to me.

We had a busy week, spending Halloween night at the Berthoud High School play. A great show as usual. On Saturday, Shar and I attended a fundraiser for Alternatives to Violence and met some Berthoud women who were being helped through the efforts of this great organization.

As I write this, the elections are still ahead of us but by the time you read this, you will know the results. Still, in these last few days the campaigning has reached a crescendo. I received a call from the Obama campaign on Saturday that several dignitaries would be having lunch at the Wayside Inn on Sunday.

Sure enough, when I arrived the big motor home emblazoned with pictures of Barak Obama was sitting on Fifth St. Inside I found former Colorado Governor Roy Romer, U.S. Senator Ken Salazar and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. This was quite a distinguished group to be coming to our little town. They were nearing the end of a several day tour of Colorado with the goal of energizing their party volunteers in the final push.

Former Denver mayor Federico Pena showed soon after to join the group. Governor Romer and Senator Daschle are pilots and we had a pleasant time talking about flying as well as politics. I also had a chance to visit with Bea Romer about her experience as Colorado’s First Lady. She said it had given her the opportunity to work on issues affecting children. She also told me she was confused about the naming of Berthoud Pass and the Town of Berthoud and I had the opportunity to explain about how the railroads had affected our area. The governor also asked me about the “French Restaurant” in Berthoud and I brought him up to date on that fine establishment.

I found it interesting that this very influential group of men were having a relaxed lunch and taking time to visit with the townsfolk who dropped in. Had you not known who they were you would have thought they were just another party enjoying the food at the Wayside Inn.

While I did not see any of the Democratic Party volunteers out in the neighborhoods that day, House District 49 candidate James Ross and his lovely wife came into Berthoud just as the luncheon party was leaving town. I could see that campaigning has become quite a science. Ross had a list of undecided voters who had not yet cast their ballots and he planned to knock on all those doors before nightfall.

I can tell you it requires a lot of time and energy to even run for public office and win or lose, my hat is off to all those who undertake the task.

Soon the signs will all be gone and we can get back to normal. See you around town.



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