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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Berthoud Bash tops last year

The Second Annual Berthoud Bash drew 270 people, a 15 percent increase over last year. The committees are still counting the money, but it looks like proceeds will top $70,000. That will certainly help the members of the Berthoud Schools Fund advance their goal of creating 21st century classrooms in the Kindergarten through 8th grade and bringing document cameras and a progress toward student laptop computers in the high school.

Last year’s event raised over $50,000 and the fund was able to purchase 12 Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and several student responder devices, valued at slightly more than sixty-two thousand dollars.

As always, there is never quite enough money to satisfy all the wants. Last year’s wish list from the schools was approximately $115,000, That list included laptop computers, projectors and other technology, but the hot ticket item is the Interactive Whiteboard. For those not familiar with the device, Promethean had a board set up to demonstrate how the technology works. Many, if not most of the attendees took time out from the hard work of bidding to visit the demonstration.

The concept for the fundraiser came from Scott and Suzanne Cavy, based on their experience in when they lived in Iowa. They and a dedicated team of volunteers have made the “Bash” a success.

It is important that the attendees have a good time and that there are interesting items in the auctions. The silent auction tables were lined with a wide variety of items. Jewelry, art, sports memorabilia and even bales of hay were there for the bidding. The Tables were busy the hour before dinner as partygoers examined the merchandise and had the opportunity to visit with each other and with special guest Karl Mecklenburg.

Before dinner, the master of ceremonies for the evening, Buddy Kouns, warmed up the crowd with some homespun humor before introducing Karl Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg is no stranger to helping children, he lauded the effort of the Berthoud Schools Fund and talked about his own foundation, REACH, which provides Denver area children with educational opportunities and resources. He also shared some of his more interesting experiences as a Denver Bronco and life’s lessons he learned with the team.

Karl Mecklenburg and Kevin Ruebesam

After dinner, Brian Bean took over stage for the Live Auction, always a spirited event. The auction began with desert, the auction of cakes donated by the Colorado Rose Cake Company. The second item on the block was a Karl Mecklenburg signed jersey. The successful bidder for the jersey was Kevin Ruebesam. The Thirty-three items in the auction there was something for everyone; a Fire Engine Tour of Loveland, trips to New York and to Moab, Utah and even 15 tons of road base. Quite a variety and the bidding was spirited.

The finale event is the Head & Tails game with a large screen TV to the winner. The rules are simple. The contestants put their hands on their head or on their tail and the MC tosses the coin. If you have chosen wrong, you are out of the game.


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Debby Delaney looks over a BMX Bike on the Silent Auction Table

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