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Friday, December 19, 2014

Berthoud Board Study Session, May 18

By Judy LehnTown of Berthoud Logo2 Berthoud Board Study Session, May 18The Board met for the express purpose of hearing reports from the Advisory Boards and Commissions.

First to report was Mark French from the Berthoud Historical Society. He reported that in April, a part-time director (20 hours) was hired. Her name is Tara Secora and she started in January. She is conducting studies on school tours and on Floyd Clymer, who was a nationally-known auto salesman when he was only 11 years old. The museum will soon have a couple of his motorcycles. The Society has prepared a version of a long-term lease. The Town of Berthoud would insure the Society and the Society would insure the collection. Financial support will be determined annually by the two entities.

Historic Preservation Commission: Town Planner Tim Katers, the liaison for the committee, advised that two committee members are needed to fill the empty slots in the group. They are working on the First National Bank Building exterior (our Police Department) and the Bimson Blacksmith Shop. Jeff Medanich, Committee Vice-Chair, reported that the Berthoud Historic Homes was established in 2006 and that the Berthoud Historical District was established in 2008. They have renovated the Pioneer Museum, providing adequate public parking. The Society was disheartened when two properties were allowed out of historical designation in 2009. When asked if there was communication between the Historical Society and the Historical Preservation Society, the answer was “none. ” It was suggested that there should be communication between the two.

Berthoud Area Transportation System (BATS): Chair Eileen Hoover reported on the committee, whom she described as extremely passionate. She particularly wanted the town to know that the bus service is no longer “the old people’s bus, ” but that the service is being used by old and young alike. The service, consisting of five buses and one van, goes to the Loveland airport and is now taking school children to lessons and sporting events in town. Trustee David Skiles said that he came from Grand Junction where their bus service is only about three years old. Director David Gregg commented that he and his family appreciate the service. Director Dick Shepherd inquired about the FoxTrot service that he read about in the Loveland Reporter-Herald. Eric Boyd, Director of BATS, answered that an offer is in the works to the City of Loveland. The service would be a fixed route from Ft. Collins, through Loveland and Berthoud to Longmont, where it would connect with RTD to Denver. Eric also explained the committee’s vision for the next five years: more rooftops will increase the need for the bus service, as will AIMS Community College, if it comes into the area. Ultimately, Regional Service will be implemented, and BATS will be either a feeder system, or another part of the service.

Utilities Advisory Board Chairman Milan Karspeck advised that this committee had been inactive for a while, but was revived last year due to issues with water, wastewater, electricity, phone, cable, and cable TV. They have performed an investigative process on water source documents, and the Xcel Energy agreement, which they were against. For 2010 their goals are to ensure improved water quality; reduce the water and sewer rates; make a recommendation regarding the Xcel Energy Agreement. Trustee David Gregg asked that the Xcel Energy report be put on the website.

Berthoud Economic Development (BERT) Becky Justice Justice-Hemmann reported for the committee regarding the recently held Business Appreciation Breakfast. Over four-hundred invitations were mailed to town businesses. The total attendance was 93, which included 50 businesses. Although the total expenses are not in yet, they anticipate that the breakfast will have cost $4,500. The committee requested town staff to collect email addresses from the attendees for their future use. They would like the town to take over the Citizen of the Year event and have the Chamber of Commerce do the Business of the Year. They asked that the trustees contact the event sponsors to thank them for their participation.

BERT is currently working with the Chamber of Commerce to bring educational speakers in for our businesses. The Business Attraction Team is on hold for now; the Marketing Team has offered to help Town Administrator Michael Hart with press releases. Trustee David Gregg asked for a report similar to the Utilities Advisory Board, with achievements and goals going forward.

Ms. Hemmann advised that Mr. Hart has taken on a lot of the BERT functions.

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