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Friday, November 27, 2015

Berthoud BOT, April 27 report

Citizen’s minutes for April 27, 2010 by Dorian Ryan-Tacy

From Berthoud Town Forum

Citizen Reports; Dorian Ryan-Tacy spoke about Art in the Garden to be held June 26. She outlined the event and the sponsorship opportunities and the website She said that Citizens First was happy to be working with both Berthoud arts organizations BAHA and Wildfire. The only Trustee to ask a question or offer a comment was Trustee Bauer who asked where the money was going. Ryan-Tacy explained that 10% of sales will go to Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance and Citizens First will keep the admission fee.

All Trustees and Mayor Patterson were present. Trustee Reports: Trustee David Skiles introduced the idea of having Berthoud students involved in the local government process. He suggested identifying one senior student at Berthoud High School. All Trustees were in favor of the idea. Trustee Skiles will do the ‘footwork’ to make it happen.

Trustee Dick Shepard reported that all is going well at the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings. He mentioned the Chamber’s Berthoud Day efforts. Don Dana, Director of the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce, took the podium. He thanked the Town for preparing the park, and sweeping the streets. He also thanked Jeremy Olinger of the Parks and Recreation Department for marking off the booths, removing the outfield fences and securing an area for the beer garden. Mr. Dana offered to put the Town logo up on the Berthoud Day banner and offered the Town a booth for Trustees. Both Trustees Shepard and Hindman offered to man the booth. Mayor Patterson encouraged all the Trustees to participate. Mr. Dana ended his remarks with, ‘…sometimes we do not appreciate what we have’- referring to the cooperation of all involved.

Trustee Hindman discussed the BERT/Town web site and the opportunity to be listed as a business in a search engine. A BERT subcommittee recommended that businesses outside of Berthoud pay a $25 fee to be included. Trustee Hindman said that if the business is located in 80513 it should be included. Trustee Shepard said the Chamber members that are outside of Berthoud should be included. In order to avoid policing a fee it was decided that the business featured would be 80513 and Berthoud Chamber members.

Trustee Bauer thanked the Library District for their Three Cups of Tea program. The library collected a little over $500 for Pennies for Peace which provides schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It costs $1.00 a day for a teacher. Bauer also encouraged the Board to get their library cards.

Trustee Jones said that is always a pleasure to see Berthoud Days go on. He remembers the greased pig contest from earlier Berthoud Days.

Town Administrator Mike Hart reported that Arbor Day is rescheduled to this Saturday. A tree will be planted at the library to honor Alex Sabados. The Turner 5K run will also be dedicated to the Sabados family. Hart reported that the Northern Colorado Economic Development is working with the Town to showcase 39 properties currently available for development with half those properties having opportunities for jobs. All this information will be available and searchable on the new Town website. The four original sites identified by BERT for Town marketing efforts have turned into 39 potential properties for development. He announced a series of study sessions for the Trustees to meet with all of the Town Boards. BERT is sending out 440 invitations to the business appreciation breakfast. A second invitation will go out to these businesses to participate in the new Town web site search engines.

Dr. Judy Skupa, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services for Thompson School District, addressed the Trustees concerning a new strategic plan for the district. The district is working under the year 2000 plan. Dr. Skupa encouraged the Board to take the survey on the Thompson School District site. Input from the survey will help provide data for a new 2012 plan. The district would like to receive 3,000 surveys and have only received 1300 so far. Dr. Skupa said that the school district is one of the largest employers in the area.

Public Works Director, Stephanie Brothers reported on bids for Mountain Avenue Phase 3 project. The contract was awarded to Colson Excavating ($1,000,050). Ms. Brothers reported that the north side of the round-a-bout is expected to be finished by mid May. The trees, grass and sprinklers could be ready by mid July. Brothers said the Mountain Avenue Tree project (watering) is up and running and the project will be completed after one and a half days of work for minor repairs. Trustee Bauer questioned an invoice that had electrical included. Brothers responded that the original bid was for a mechanical system, however, to avoid having an employee manually control the watering, former Interim Town Administrator Gary Suiter made arrangements for electric control to be added. There will be work on the Loveland Ditch water pipe from Sixth Street to Eighth Street. Trustee Bauer asked that the problem of Sixth Street pot holes (causing alignment problems in cars) be looked into at this time. Work is also scheduled for Fourth Street and Mountain Avenue

Building Permit Incentives: Planner Tim Katers provided a report to the Board showing the effects of the reduction in fees to developers and the savings to property owners and made recommendations for adjustment to those incentives. There were 12 permits issued in 2009, so far this year the town has issued four permits. The fees charged for an individual property were dropped to the equivalence of $8,000 for a Mary’s Farm type of home. Mr. Katers said that for only one or two builders did the incentive make a difference in coming to Berthoud. Town Administrator Mike Hart has hired a consultant to review the impact fees the Town is charging. Trustee Hindman said the fee reduction should remain the same because it has changed the perception of Berthoud. Trustee Gregg also asked that no action be taken at this time. Trustee Shepard agreed to wait for the fee structuring report from Town Administrator Hart. However, Trustee Shepard does not agree with waiving fees until certificate of occupancy, he would like fee payable upon final inspection because we still have built properties that remain empty.

Town Clerk Mary Cowdin presented a request for Ian Tinney to serve on the Historic Preservation Board. Ms. Cowdin checked the Board requirements and found that if Mr. Tinney lives outside the Berthoud he would not meet requirements.

While Ms. Cowdin was checking the Historic Preservation Board member requirements, Town Administrator Hart reported that the Town was looking into a new filtration system at the Town pool and looking at upgrading the 40-year-old boiler. There is also the possibility of receiving grant money for a new liner to prevent the annual painting of the bottom of the pool.

Meeting adjourned.

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