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Monday, November 30, 2015

Berthoud Girls Track Claim Top Spot at Spartan Classic

Boys team Finishes in Fourth Place

By Dan Karpiel
Sports Writer

Saturday on a wind-swept Max Marr field ten high school track teams from up and down the Front Range competed in the annual Spartan Classic. Home track and field advantage was kind to the Spartans who won the overall team competition with a cumulative score of 288.50.

The Berthoud girls track team easily claimed first place with 202 points, topping second place Holy Family by a whopping 48 points. The Lady Spartans took first place in a total of nine events. Junior Courtney Mills took the blue ribbon in four individual events; the 100m and 200m dashes, the long jump and triple jump. Senior Julia Leonard placed second in the 100m high hurdles and was able to win the event in the 300m distance.

The Berthoud boys team also had an impressive showing, finishing in fourth place with 86.50 points. Sophomore Axel Ayala took first place in the 800m run and the Berthoud relay team won the 4x400m relay and finished in second place in 4x100m and 4x200m competitions. Mythia Siebold had a strong showing in the high hurdles, finishing in fourth place in 110m and runner-up in the 300m. Johnstown-based Roosevelt High School took first place in the boys leg of the meet with 139 points.

Individual results for Berthoud athletes are listed below.

Boys 100m Dash

4. Steven Fiske 11.34s

7. Troy Johnson 11.58s

8. Brad Novell 11.59s

29. Forrest Eppler 16.78s


Girls 100m Dash

1. Courtney Mills 12.55s

2. Hannah Kirk 12.83s

4. Tracey DeVittorio 13.13s

7. Shallyn Fahrenbruck 13.61s


Boys 200m Dash

16. Ryan Pea 26.60s


Girls 200m Dash

1. Courtney Mills 26.51s

2. Ashley Prescott 27.70s

3. Tracey DeVittorio 28.16s

6. Shallyn Fahrenbruck 29.44s


Boys 400m Dash

11. Brian Von Seggern 56.41s

18. Ryan Pea 60.24s


Girls 400m Dash

<<BHS athletes did not compete>>


Boys 800m Run

1. Axel Ayala 2:07.37min

4. Mythia Siebold 2:17.96min


Girls 800m Run

4. Julia Leonard 2:42.71min

5. Ally Klaes 2:43.47min

6. Dillon Fagler 2:48.21min

7. Elanna Hegan 2:52.35min

10. Emma Otto 2:59.13min


Boys 1600m Run

19. John Kemp 5:41.97min

21 Kyle Sherwood 5:50.30min


Girls 1600m Run

5. Emma Otto 6:26.20min

16. Analyse DeSousa 7:56.49min


Boys 3200m Run

10. Ravi Smith 12:33.05min


Girls 3200m Run

<<BHS athletes did not compete>>


Boys 110m High Hurdles

4. Mythia Siebold 16.91s

10. Jason Van Hare 19.82s


Girls 100m High Hurdles

2. Julia Leonard 16.91s

4. Mollie Bonds 17.12s

11. Emelia Applemenn 18.71s

15. Sara Nienaber 19.34s


Boys 300m High Hurdles

2. Mythia Siebold 44.83s

12. Jason Van Hare 49.89s


Girls 300m High Hurdles

1. Julia Leonard 48.46s

6. Emelia Applemann 54.21s

9. Sara Nienaber 57.25s

14. Analyse DeSousa 65.40s


Boys 4x100m Relay

2. Berthoud 45.22s


Girls 4x100m Relay

1. Berthoud 51.85s


Boys 4x200m Relay

2. Berthoud 1:33.87min


Girls 4x200m Relay

1. Berthoud 1:49.95min


Boys 4x400m Relay

1. Berthoud 3:41.45min


Girls 4x400m Relay

<<BHS athletes did not compete>>


Boys 4x800m Relay

3. Berthoud 8:56.82min


Girls 4x800m Relay

2. Berthoud 10:36.90min


Girls 800m Sprint Medley

1. Berthoud 1:54.06min


Boys High Jump

T-4. Chase Fraser 5’6.00”


Girls High Jump

T-4. MyKaela Hughes 4’6.00”

T-4. Sara Nienaber 4’6.00”

T-4. Mimi Garcia 4’6.00”


Boys Pole Vault

<<BHS athletes did not compete>>


Girls Pole Vault

<<BHS athletes did not compete>>


Boys Long Jump

8. Chase Fraser 19’1.75”

9. Dillion Brown 18’8.00”

11. Mic Nienaber 18’4.50”

18. Caleb Price 17’0.00”


Girls Long Jump

1. Courtney Mills 17’7.00”

2. Cheyenne Hall 16’1.75”

4. Shallyn Fahrenbruck 14’11.50”


Boys Triple Jump

3. Mic Nienaber 39’9.25”

15. Greg Hutchins 33’10.25”


Girls Triple Jump

1. Courtney Mills 37’9.25”

2. Cheyenne Hall 36’0.75”

6. Ally Klaes 31’7.50”


Boys Shot Put

6. Brok Diffendaffer 38’0.00”

7. Tommy Doles 37’4.50”

8. Alex Hughes 37’2.00”

10. Matt Gordon 35’1.50”


Girls Shot Put

1. Tanya Bezanson 36’6.00”

17. Lynda Hutchins 22’10.50”

20. Shelby Coyle 21’4.00”


Boys Discus Throw

8. Alex Hughes 109’3.00”

20. Matt Gordon 87’7.00”

26. Dylan McDonald 67’5.00”


Girls Discus Throw

5. Dillon Fagler 95’1.00”

11. Tanya Bezanson 83’3.00”

15. Lynda Hutchins 67’9.00”

16. Rachel Carter 67’8.00”

19. Shelby Coyle 63’0.00”





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