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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Berthoud Library board opposes 60, 61 and 101

By Gary Wamsley

The Berthoud Community Library Board joined a long list of agencies officially opposing Amendments 60 & 61 and Proposition 101. At Thursday’s meeting, Library Director, Sara Wright briefed the board on what she had learned about the ballot initiative’s effect on the library. Proposition 101 would, over time, reduce revenue by an estimated $22,000 yearly. Wright explained that while 60 and 61 would not have an immediate impact on revenue, they would restrict the library’s ability to undertake capital improvement and would require the library to resubmit its mil levy for voter approval every 10 years. In addition to the costs associated with putting the issue on the ballot, the process puts a great deal of uncertainty into the continued existence of the library. Full text of the adopted resolution will be posted on the library web site ‘’

The board also took under consideration the proposal from the Town of Berthoud for transfer of ownership of the library to the district and a draft of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Town of Berthoud and the County of Larimer. Both documents had arrived from the district’s attorney late in the day and the board had not been able to review them before the meeting.

The proposal from the town would transfer ownership of the building and land to the district with the town having first right of refusal should the district ever wish to convey the land to a third party. The proposal calls for an appraisal of the land and building to establish a current value, the town would be given credit for the present value of the land should it exercise an option to purchase, or credit on rent in event of a lease.

The IGA covers transfer of other assets, books, shelving and computer equipment, to the district along with other provisions.

The board wished to have more time to study the proposals, had some questions for their attorney, and put off approval until next meeting.

Director Wright turned in a proposed budget for the 2011 fiscal year. A slight increase in assessed valuation allowed an increase to $334,000 in the operating budget with $17,000 going into reserves.

Wright also submitted a budget of approximately $8,000 less, reflecting reduced revenue in 2011 if Proposition 101 passes.

Write also briefed the board on he results from the current sample of the library survey. It shows that patrons still prefer printed books to other forms and that most people learn about upcoming events in town by “word of mouth.” You can participate in the survey at the library web site

The board changed the date of the October meeting to the second Thursday of the month.

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