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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Berthoud Police Blotter: April 2018

Updated April 17, 2018











Provided by
Larimer County Sheriff’s Department
Berthoud Squad


Sunday, April 1

Suspicious Circumstances: Mountain Avenue, a report came in about a vehicle parked with its doors open. Owner was contacted and is OK.

Election Bid: Past Mayor Steve Mulvihill threw his hat in the ring for U.S. President with running mate Past Mayor Mylan Karspeck as Vice President. Just kidding, April fools.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 10
Vehicle Problems – 5
Other Ordinance Problems – 6

Monday, April 2

Non-Injury Vehicle Crash: Highway 56 and Weld CR7, a driver failed to slow for the traffic stopped to turn onto Weld CR7 and rear-ended another vehicle.

Non-Injury Vehicle Crash: N. Berthoud Parkway at Highway 287, a vehicle merged into the left lane but did not check to see that it was clear and hit another vehicle.

Detox Hold: E. Michigan, a 34-year-old woman was transported by ambulance for intoxication and suicidal statements.

Tuesday, April 3

Non-Injury Vehicle Crash: Glacier Ave, a driver backed into another vehicle in the alley causing major damage.

Warrant Arrest: 1st Street, a 34-year-old Firestone man was contacted as a suspicious subject and refused to identify himself. Through technology, the man was identified and when deputies told him his name he hung his head down and gave a heavy sigh.

Wednesday, April 4

Possession Drug Paraphernalia/Minor in Possession: Massachusetts Avenue, a juvenile boy was found to be in possession of a marijuana pipe made out of tic tac containers. Another juvenile boy was found with an empty bottle of cough syrup and some Gatorade because he was making ‘lean’ by mixing the two. One of the boys had fallen asleep in class and both boys smoked the marijuana prior to coming into the school late.

Thursday, April 5

Motor Vehicle Theft: Colorado Avenue, a resident left her car outside running for no more than “one minute”. When she came back outside it was gone. A Mountain Dew bottle and small bag of marijuana were recovered from the scene that were not there when the owner went out and started her car. Gained a car but lost their dope.

Disturbance: Capitol Reef Court, a call came in as a physical disturbance between two contractors involving hammers. Disturbance was confirmed as verbal between the two over one of the contractor’s building supplies hanging off the side of a work truck. The other person involved was driving and hit the material causing damage to their side view mirror. The argument escalated to the point that one man picked up the other man’s hammer.  

Hit-And-Run: 8th Street, a resident reported her vehicle had been damaged by a hit and run while she was at work. A note was left on vehicle with no contact information.

Lost Property: Mountain Avenue, a resident called to report he had left his wallet at the gas pumps and it was gone by the time he went back.

Friday, April 6

Fatal Vehicle Crash: CR 10E and 1st Street, deputies responded to this intersection for an accident requiring extrication. Female driver succumbed to her injuries on scene. The passenger was transported to the hospital with serious bodily injury. LCSO’s CRASH Team responded for the investigation which is still on-going.

Saturday, April 7

Assist to Medical: 5th Street, deputies responded for an adult female who was reported to be choking and not breathing. Deputies started CPR and then assisted medical with patient care.

Drug Paraphernalia Found Contraband: Mountain Avenue, a resident found a used syringe while on a walk. Syringe was picked up and logged for destruction.

Drove Without a Valid License / Speeding: Hwy 287 at the Berthoud Exit, a 55-year-old Loveland man was contacted for speeding, his license had been cancelled / denied for an unpaid ticket.

Sunday, April 8

Theft: Skimmer Street, a resident reported an unknown suspect stole around 35 gallons of diesel fuel from his truck overnight. 

Harassment / Welfare Check: Mt Massive Street, a woman who lives in Canada reported she is being harassed by a male whom she was seeing when she came to the US.

Distribution / Possession of a Controlled Substance / Possession Paraphernalia / Fictitious Plates / Driving Under Restraint / Warrant Arrest: Welch Avenue., a 23-year-old woman was in possession of over 20 grams of methamphetamine. Also had cocaine, hydrocodone, and morphine. Booked

Criminal Possession of a Financial Device / Warrant Arrest: 1st Street and Bunyan Avenue, a man and woman were contacted during a traffic stop. Both were arrested on warrants. The man was also in possession of a debit card of another person. Booked.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 6
Vehicle Problems – 9
Other Ordinance Problems – 7

April 9 –  April 15

Monday, April 9

Suspicious Circumstances: E. Indiana Avenue, a resident reported that she discovered the sliding glass rear window of her husband’s truck was broken out.

Distribution / Possession of A Controlled Substance / Possession Paraphernalia / Fictitious Plates / Driving Under Restraint / Warrant Arrest: Welch Avenue, a 33-year-old homeless woman stopped for a traffic violation and was found to be in possession of over 20 grams of methamphetamine. Also had cocaine, hydrocodone, and morphine. Booked.

Criminal Possession of a Financial Device: 1st Street and Bunyan Avenue, Two people in a vehicle were contacted for a traffic violation. Both were arrested on warrants. They were also in possession of a debit card belonging to someone else. Booked.

Underage Consumption and Possession of Marijuana: North 2nd Street, two 19-year-old women were stopped for driving with a broken headlight. The driver showed strong signs of marijuana intoxication during voluntary roadside maneuvers. She was booked on charges of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID), Driving a Defective Vehicle, and both women were charged for Underage Consumption of Marijuana.

Tuesday, April 10

Assist to Colorado State Patrol (CSP): W. CR10E / S. Hwy 287 a 31-year-old homeless man from Thornton was contacted by CSP in a stolen vehicle and initially was cooperative. Upon arrival of LCSO deputies the man was holding a pistol by his side and attempted to take the trooper’s vehicle. A foot pursuit ensued eastbound into a residential construction area by the deputy. At this location the man stole/carjacked a white Ford work van then left the area last seen westbound on 10E from HWY 287, however a reckless report of a similar vehicle likely places the vehicle eastbound on HWY 56 from Berthoud a short time later. An interview with the man’s girlfriend who was in the stolen truck established that he made statements that he was going to use the pistol on law enforcement just before he got out of the truck. This man was later located in the Metro area by U.S. Marshalls and was shot and killed.

Wednesday, April 11

Criminal Mischief: Sioux Drive, a resident reported that someone broke out his driver’s side window last night. Vehicle was parked on the road in front of his house.

Unauthorized Use of Financial Trans Device: Great Basin Court, a resident left his cell phone, that doubles as his credit card holder, at business on Saturday night. Someone took his phone home but returned it to the bar the next day.

Vehicle Crash / Minor Injury: Berthoud Parkway and CR10E, a driver failed to yield the right of way to another vehicle. The second vehicle broadsided the first vehicle.

Disorderly Conduct: Woodcock Street, a resident went to another residence looking to fight with the occupant. He also caused a disturbance outside the main office. The man was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassed from the building, and the main office.

Thursday, April 12

Theft: 1st Street, a resident reported theft of aluminum scrap, occurred over the last 7 days. “Suspects” may be people he agreed to sell the scrap to.

Criminal Mischief / Tampering: Canyonlands Street, someone super glued newly elected town trustee’s mailbox closed. Mail service was disrupted for a few days and the USPS had to replace the lock. Children are not the problem, it’s the adults that act like a child.

Friday, April 13

Civil Standby: Canyonlands Street, a mother requested an informal civil standby to pick up her son’s lacrosse gear from her ex’s house.

Detox Hold: E. Michigan Avenue, a resident transported by medical with a blood alcohol level more than 3 times the legal limit.

Saturday, April 14

Assault / Domestic Violence: E Michigan Avenue, a woman called to report that her husband hit her and threw her to the ground last night. Her 16-year-old son took his father to a motel for the night.

Sunday, April 15

Assist to Medical Facility: Franklin Avenue, a resident slapped another resident on the shoulder.

Criminal Mischief: 6th Street, a resident reported that someone drove over his waterspouts from his house smashing them. It looks like the work of the itsy-bitsy spider.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 5
Vehicle Problems – 11
Other Ordinance Problems – 10

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