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Monday, January 21, 2019

Berthoud Police Blotter: Jan 2019

Tuesday, Jan 1

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage / No Proof of insurance: Mountain
Ave, a driver hit a car as he was trying to parallel park. He pulled out,
parked across the street and went into a down town business. This was all
witnessed by a juvenile that was sitting in the parked car when it was hit.
Call was originally aired as a hit and run. All parties were on scene when the
deputy arrived. The driver had a valid driver’s license, but his vehicle
registration was expired, and he had no proof of insurance. Summonsed.

Reported Drunk Driving:  E. Hwy 56 and CR 13, a driver reported that another vehicle was driving on wrong side of road, almost hit another vehicle, and described the other driver as an older lady and the vehicle is now pulled over at the intersection.  Deputy contacted the elderly driver and she stated that she was driving and hit her washer fluid which then froze to the windshield causing it to be obstructed (froze over) she was then weaving. Deputy helped finish scraping the ice off her windshield and she was sent on her way, old car and old defroster.  Outside temp 10 degrees.

Wednesday, Jan 2

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage
:  4th
Street and Massachusetts Avenue, a driver was backing out of their driveway and
hit an oncoming vehicle.

Disturbance: CR
10E, a person called in stating one of the residents is fighting with
others.  The man also locked himself
inside of a room with a female.  It was
also reported this man has been acting very strange and when he started in
tonight another resident punched him right in the kisser “pretty hard”.  The man was talked out by deputies and then was
cordially provided with room and board at the jail.

Thursday, January

Recovered Stolen
Indiana Ave and 2nd Street,
a stolen Subaru Legacy was found unoccupied near this intersection.  The
vehicle was stolen out of Montana and had stolen plates from Wyoming on the
rear bumper.   

Order Violation: 
Munson Ct, a
female reported that her ex-boyfriend sent her an Instagram messages in
December of 2017, March of 2018, and April of 2018.  He also attempted to
FaceTime her in July of 2017.  All four of these communications were made
in violation of the protection order.  Warrant to come.

Fraud:  Curlew Drive, a resident made a report
about purchases that were fraudulently made on her credit card.  The resident said that she was suspicious
after ordering a pizza from a Loveland Pizza Company.  The person over the phone was asking the
resident questions after getting her card number, and she believes it might be
associated with the theft later that night. 
At midnight, on 010119, a purchase was made for $1,000 online.

Mountain Ave, an
employee, reported that a 69-year old Berthoud man, made inappropriate
statements about a very young girl that he had with him in the restaurant. The
man was located in a camper on 4th Street and was very uncooperative with
deputies, but eventually allowed his camper to be searched for the young girl.
The girl was later located with her parents, whom had given the man permission
to take the girl to Subway. The comments the man made were relayed to the
parents and deputies requested they check with their daughter and report
anything out of the ordinary. Child Protection referral made. 

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage: 
Hwy 287 and CR 10E,
a driver was driving north on US Highway 287 and ran over a mattress in the
road.  Subsequently 4 other vehicles crashed into the first one. 
There were no injuries, and only one vehicle was required a tow.   

Vehicle Crash /
Private Property
:  3800 block of E
Hwy 56. A truck driver backed his semi into another semi at Loves Travel Center. 

Friday, Jan 4

Found Property:  3800 block of E Hwy 56, the manager at
the Loves Travel center turned over 3 credit cards, 1 DL, 1 wallet, and 3 sets
of keys that have been left at the store over the last month. Items collected
and attempts to contact owners were unsuccessful.  Logged into evidence.

Identity Theft: Wagon
Bend Rd. a resident reported that his credit card number was skimmed somewhere
while he was on a road trip.  His credit card was used in Las Vegas for
$394.96 at three different gas stations. 

Alcohol Issue:  8th Street, a woman was outside a business
crying hysterically.  She was highly
intoxicated and did not know where she lived or who she was. She thought it was
1958. Witnesses stated that she was acting appropriate until the closing time,
she then started crying and was very confused. She went voluntarily to the
ambulance to be transported on a detox hold. 
I bet tomorrow she remembers how much hangovers suck.

Saturday, Jan 5

Felony Warrant Arrest:  Hummingbird Pl, a 21-year-old woman was
arrested and booked for a felony warrant.

Vicious Animal:  7th St and Welch Ave, a couple reported
that their dog was attacked by another dog.  The other dog and owner fled
the scene.  Doggone it anyway.

Sunday, January 6

Disturbance:  E Hwy 56, LCSO deputies assisted Longmont Police in looking for a 35-year-old man when he returned to his residence in Berthoud (his 1st strike). It was reported he has been carrying a bb gun in his hoodie pocket (his 2nd strike).  Earlier in the evening this man was in Longmont and pulled a fire alarm at the Motel 6 and harassing his girlfriend (his 3rd and final strike).  Deputies contacted the man outside his residence and was taken into custody and turned over to Longmont Police.

Monday, Jan. 7


Rosewood Dr. – Female reported that her Ex-husband has
threatened to call in welfare checks on their children. Ongoing divorce,
custody dispute, and a child abuse investigation with Loveland Police

Tuesday Jan. 8


Memory Lane – Male was reported as a runaway after he was in
an argument with his parents. He packed a bag, comforter and pillow, then
walked out the house, BOLO and entry.


3rd Street – Male had been entered as a runaway, he was
found by Longmont Police and returned home today. His grandmother checked on
him, went back to work and later learned once she left, he did too. He was
entered again, BOLO sent to Longmont, it is believed he would return to the
Longmont area.


Hwy 56 – Male who had been an OTR truck driver for 3 months
parked in the Love’s lot and while logging off, his semi began to roll forward.
He did not realize the semi was moving, it rolled across the parking lot, over
the curb and after going through a fence, he hit the brakes and stopped. A
small diesel tank for the cooler on the trailer was punctured. The fuel will be
cleaned up at the expense of May Trucking. Berthoud Fire, CSP Hazmat and Employees
helped at the scene.


E. Highway 56 – OTR Truck Driver reported being confronted
by an unknown subject for an unknown reason. The unknown subject unholstered a
black handgun and “waved” it around in the general direction of driver
who was in fear for his life. Driver described an older white Ford pick-up
truck with “3 ladders” on a rack in the back. Suspect is white male,
approximately 5’11” and 200 lbs wearing a 3/4 length black coat. Driver
also stated that the suspect vehicle left westbound on Hwy 56. A high-risk stop
was conducted on a vehicle matching the description and timeframe, but
ultimately determined not to be involved. A check of limited outside video
contradicted driver’s timeline and vehicle description. The suspect vehicle had
no ladders or rack. No video footage of the incident was available and nothing
good enough to ID a vehicle or driver. No other witnesses to the event were
located, which is odd considering the amount of traffic in and out of local
business between 0800-0845.


Memory Ln – Male showed up at High School for class. He
stated that his parents were angry with him over a new year’s party he had (plus
multiple other issues) and he felt threatened because of the way they were
acting so he went to his neighbor’s house. He claimed his dad knew. Parents
found a vape pen and tore his room apart looking for other substances and claim
they did not know he was across the street. Male said he will continue to leave
if his parents continue to hold him accountable. Male was sent back to class.

Wednesday, Jan. 9


W CR 4 – Deputies responded to a residence on a welfare
check after calls came in about a male subject yelling and cussing in the front
yard. When deputies arrived, the male subject appeared to brandish a firearm.
One deputy fired his weapon, however the male was not struck and barricaded
himself inside the residence. Male eventually exited the residence and was
taken into custody. Special Thank you goes out to Colorado State Patrol, Loveland
Police, and Johnstown Police for their assistance.

Thursday, Jan. 10


7th St – Male reported that someone entered his vehicle and
attempted to punch the ignition. Ignition is damaged to the point that it is
not functional. Suspect left behind a screwdriver which was collected for
evidence. No suspect info and no other items of evidence was identified.


Mountain Ave – Male lost his wallet. It was most likely lost
at town hall during the town board meeting. ID and credit cards were in the


S 9TH ST – Female reported that her vehicle, house and fence
were shot with paintballs. Suspect is a high school student. Other victims are
expected based on initial information.


Timeless Cir./Timeless Trl. – A suspect driving a white
sedan was observed on surveillance video going through mailboxes. Nothing has
been reported stolen yet.

Friday, Jan. 11


Mountain Ave – Female sent forged letters from her employer
to the Berthoud Municipal Court to receive additional restitution in a court
case where she was the victim.


Bunyan Ave – An unknown vehicle hit the school and damaged
the brick.


Various Locations in Berthoud – Graffiti in several town
parks (Berthoud Park and Bien Park) as the new construction site in the 100
block of S 8th Street. Graffiti was in black and green paint and was several
encircled stars, male genitalia and “ShAD” with the “A” as
the anarchy symbol.


Serenity Ridge – The suspect from a pursuit in Estes Park
had mail in the vehicle that was stolen from the Berthoud area earlier in the day.
In all 8 people were identified as victims. Male was summonsed for 8 counts of
Tampering and 7 counts of Theft. There was also mail from Weld County that was
forwarded to them for investigation. Thanks to Estes Park Police and the Deputies
working the Mountain Squad for the help and follow-up.

Saturday, Jan. 12


Weld Co Rd. 76.5 – Female reported that “Deputy
Adams” from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office called reference their
property in Larimer County. She knew it was a scam right away since they have
no property here and hung up. No loss.


3rd St. – Male ran away from home on 010719. He was located
by Firestone PD today and was picked up by grandma and aunt. They stopped at a
gas station on Highway 119. Male jumped out of the vehicle and ran away from
there. He is still entered as a run a way.


1st Street – Female was contacted on a traffic stop and had
a warrant for her arrest.


Welch Ave – Male struck a garage bay door at the Colorado
Rapid Car Wash, damaging the door.

Sunday, Jan. 13


S. 9th St. – Female was called in as a welfare check. When
she was contacted it was found she had an active warrant for her arrest.

Larimer County Deputies on Swing shift and Midnight shift
conducted an interdiction project in Berthoud. In addition to what was noted
above this netted numerous citations and verbal warnings.


Mountain Ave – Male fell and was found by citizens near
Turner Middle School. Male was contacted and didn’t know where he was coming
from but stated he was walking to San Diego. He was very confused and didn’t
know his birthday. It was later determined that he left with his walker and his
wrist band alarm which was “broken” so no one was alerted to his
absence. He had been out for up to an hour and a half in the cold and rainy
weather. Staff responded to the scene and drove him back to the local facility.


S. 9th St. – A handgun that was reported stolen was found in
Male’s possession. Juvenile summons and released to guardian.

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