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Monday, July 16, 2018

Berthoud Police Blotter: July 2018







Sunday, July 1

Welfare Check: Franklin Avenue, a father reported that his adult son had been acting strange and has only slept 3 hours over the past 4-5 days. The father picked up his son to take him to the hospital, but the son jumped out of the car at a stop and ran off.

Monday, July 2

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Northglenn, Northglenn Police recovered a stolen vehicle that was reported stolen in Berthoud.

Loud Noise: 8th Street, several complaints about the loud music being played over loud speakers coming from a business.

Tuesday, July 3

Theft: Ranchhand Drive, a new resident reported they recently moved to Berthoud. They used a small moving company and believes that they may have stolen a wedding ring.

Harassment: Hwy 56, a driver reported he was eastbound on Hwy 56, behind a white pickup and as the he passed the pickup, the male driver flashed a black pistol at him. Contact was made and a pistol and ammunition were recovered and the driver charged.

Suspicious Circumstances: Nicholson Street, this is a model home and this morning, a woman came in with a little boy. Both were pretty “ratty” looking, boy had dirt all over his shirt. the woman could barely walk, could barely keep her eyes open, was slurring her words. The realtor thinks she may try to return tonight. The boy was downstairs for approximately 30 minutes as they were leaving, the little boy asked what time the open house closed. after they left, staff went downstairs and discovered that one of the windows had been unlocked, allowing someone to potentially enter through the window. Deputies looked for the woman and child to offer help but they were gone.

Wednesday, July 4

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: Tranquility Way, a resident reported the driver’s side of his car was hit last night.

Suspicious Circumstances: 2nd Street, a business was discovered to have most of the doors unlocked. Due to the size of the building it took deputies 1-½ hours to clear the building. When the business was told about the doors today the response was “oh”.

Scam: Franklin Avenue, a resident was scammed out of $850 in iTunes cards (she sent pictures of number on the back of the cards to suspect), She thought the suspect was a friend of a friend connected to her high school reunion. Suspect was going to exchange her money for $100,000. She did not realize it was a scam until this morning when the $100,000 did not show up.

Disturbance: 8th Street, a resident called to report she was in a heated argument with her boyfriend. Does that make it a hot date?

Several Fireworks Complaints: Throughout town

Thursday, July 5

Found Firearm: Hwy 56 and I-25 Frontage Road, a black 9 mm pistol was found by a bicyclist approximately 10 feet off the roadway near a tree. It was in a 3 pocket, camo bag. There was a camo-boonie hat and a black handkerchief with it as well. A bicyclist 10 feet off the highway by a tree, hmm not hard to figure that one out.

Friday, July 6

Theft / Scam: S. 8th Street, a man and his wife responded to a LinkedIn ad for a secret shopper. They were sent a $3500 check, which they cashed, and they were instructed to buy Walmart gift cards, which they did. They then gave the gift card numbers to the secret shopper company “staff”.

Assist to Weld: Weld County Road 3, Weld County requested assistance with a woman who was obstructing traffic and jumping on cars. She was located hiding in a farm field and turned over to Weld County authorities. It was also discovered she had crashed her car just up the road.

Vehicle Crash: 1st Street and Bunyan Avenue, a 17-year-old Utah boy’s vehicle struck the rear of another vehicle after it had stopped to turn into the gas station. Driver cited.

Vehicle Crash: Welch Avenue and 8th Street, a driver came to a stop on Welch at 8th Street. He then proceeded into the intersection without yielding to an on-coming vehicle. Driver cited

Saturday, July 7

Suspicious Circumstances: Navajo Place, a resident reported he found some rocks from his landscaping removed, a crosswalk sign at the crosswalk south of welch was knocked down and dog poop bags were thrown around. There was a rock on top of the crosswalk sign from the resident’s yard. The dog poop bags were cleaned up by a citizen who said he’d rather clean it up than bother us with it. There, is a great citizen!

Traffic Problem: Spartan and 9th Street, a resident reported a white diesel pick up speeding and rolling coal for the last two days. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and warned.

Sunday, July 8

Weaving Driver: Mountain Avenue, a driver was reported as a possible drunk driver because he was weaving on the road. A 67-year-old Longmont man was contacted in this vehicle and admitted he probably was weaving because he was looking at the crops and farm equipment. He was not intoxicated just enjoying our agricultural land. Glad he didn’t “plow” into anybody.

Assault / Attempted Theft: Horseshoe Circle, a resident called to report her ex-boyfriend, his brother and dad were trying to steal her dog. The ex-boyfriend’s dad jumped out of the vehicle, tackled her, pulled her hair and hit her. All three quickly left in their vehicle. The vehicle was located and all three went to jail. There is so much to be said about 3 men against 1 woman but I digress.

Welfare Check: Meadowlark Drive, a 44-year-old transient man from New York was located and checked on by deputies for his welfare. Deputies learned the man had a warrant out of another state for assault on a Peace Office. The warrant was not enforceable in Colorado. The man was transported to a local hospital by ambulance to be checked out by a physician. Even when you don’t like us, we still show up when you are in need.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 5
Vehicle Problems – 6
Other Ordinance Problems – 8

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