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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Berthoud Police Blotter: March 2019

Friday, March 1

Welfare Check: 4th
Street, a person got a call from a Berthoud Resident at this address. She is
telling them that there was a pipe in the middle of the street and that she
went and got it and brought it to the side of the road. she won’t go back in
the house and her caregiver is not on scene. She was cleared by medical.

Saturday, March 2

Third Degree Assault
/ Domestic Violence:
Chilcott St. a 48-year-old Ft. Collins woman had an
altercation with Berthoud resident. During this altercation the woman scratched
the resident multiple times while he was holding her down to prevent her from
hitting him. We brought her back to Ft. Collins,
but she did not go home, she was booked into jail.

4th Street, a resident reported a few days ago that her
neighbor was breaking in to her apartment when she wasn’t home and having sex
in her bed.

: Tabor Street, a call came stating there were 2 or 3 young
males ringing doorbells and running away. It was snowing so foot tracks were
easy to follow. Two 20-year-old and a 19-year-old were located and
identified. A little old for ding-dong ditching.

Sunday, March 3

Family Problems /
Rabbit Run Lane, a father and his son got into a physical
disturbance at which point the son hit his dad in the head with a lamp. The son
was arrested and brought to the HUB.

Bunyan, a female showed up drunk and was saying that she couldn’t stay at her
house and wasn’t making sense. The woman’s husband advised he just got his wife
out of detox a couple days ago and she is back to drinking again and he doesn’t
want to be around it. It was determined that she was a grave danger to herself
due to her level of intoxication and she could not find anyone willing to care
for her, she was transported to the hospital on a detox hold.

Harassment: Colorado Avenue, a resident reported to the Larimer County Communications center and reported that she was being harassed by a 14-year-old Berthoud boy over Snapchat. She told me that the boy used to be friends with her son. She stated that today the boy sent her a message on Snapchat stating that if her son ever goes to his house again, he would hit him in the face with a baseball bat. The woman went over to the boy’s house and spoke with the boy’s father about it. She said that the 14-year-old told her that he can do whatever he wants to because he owns this town. Well Mr. 14-year-old your payments due and we are foreclosing!

Monday, March 4

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage: 1
300 BLK Woodcock St, a driver slid while making the turn
onto Woodcock Street from the apartment complex striking a parked car. Summoned
into muni court.

Child Abuse X2 /
Reckless Driving / Crash:
20400 BLK SE Frontage Rd., a driver was traveling
northbound on the frontage road, rear ending a stopped vehicle. The driver’s
two unrestrained children were in the back seat, one being thrown into the
front dash/windshield. The other thrown into the back of the passenger seat.

Reckless Driving: Loves
Travel, 3800 East Hwy 56, a truck driver was backing his semi into a parking
space at Loves, he alleges a car was blocking the way, so he decided to bang on
the hood of the car. When the driver of the car exited his vehicle, the truck
driver drove forward toward him, which led the him to believe he was about to
be run over. Cited.

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage / Possible Fraud:
Highway 287 at MM 327, a driver slid
on the ice, crossed the median and struck another vehicle. The driver may also
have purchased the insurance after the accident. You know the beginning date is
on your insurance card, right?

Runaway Juvenile: Columbine
Circle, a stepdad reported that his 17-year-old stepson ran away at approximately
10:00. He did not have a phone and multiple calls to his friends did not
produce any leads.

Tuesday, March 5

Juvenile Problem:
8th Street and Spartan Avenue, a report came in stating there are a
bunch of kids carelessly riding their bikes in the middle of the road at this
intersection and there is a s curve that is blind to drivers and are causing
traffic issues.

Wednesday, March 6

Trespass / Felony
Common Dr., a man went to the above
address to confront his former employer over an issue that their two kids were
having. He refused to leave the house when told to do so he pulled a knife
after he was pushed by the home owner.

Thursday, March 7

Vehicle Crash / With Injury:
S. 5th Street and Canyonlands Street, a driver was coming to a stop on
Canyonlands Street at S. 5th Street at a stop sign while pedestrian was
crossing in the crosswalk. The driver stated the sun was in his eyes and he did
not see the pedestrian, his vehicle struck her and knocked her to the ground hitting
her head on the asphalt and was transported to the hospital. Prayers and

Assault: Welch
Avenue, a resident was punched in the face multiple times by her ex-boyfriend’s
17-year-old daughter when they got into an argument. Citation issued

Friday, March 8

Vehicle Crash / No
Hwy 56 and County Line Road, a driver on County Line Road stopped
at the stop sign at Hwy 56. He then continued and pulled out in front of a
vehicle going west on Hwy 56.

Displaying a Weapon: 2nd
Street and Mountain Avenue, an 18-year-old man had his face painted like an Insane
Clown Posse Clown and was displaying an ax, knife, and a chrome pistol in the
park for a “photo shoot” using a cell phone camera. Summons issued.

Disorderly Conduct X2:
Kansas Ave and Canyonlands Street, a 14 and 15-year-old boys were involved
in a mutual fight in this intersection. There were several kids hanging out
watching the fight. The gangs all over to watch Friday Night Fights. The two
boys were issued a summons.

Saturday, March 9

Found Property: 2nd
Street, a resident reported that he found a wallet on the ground at the Hwy 34
/ I-25 park and ride. Wallet belongs to a Denver man.

 Found Property:
2nd Street, a resident found a bag with driver’s license and personal
information by his storage unit in Berthoud. This property belongs to a
Denver man.

6th Street, a resident reported a male walked to his front
door while holding what appeared to be a knife or screwdriver in his right
hand. He has never seen this male before. The male saw the security camera then
turned around and walked away. 

Traffic Problem: 3rd
Street and Mountain. The railroad crossing arms were stuck down, and traffic
had to be diverted until BNSF arrived to fix it. I guess the long arm of the
law has nothing compared to the long arm of the railroad.

Welch Avenue, a very intoxicated woman called 911 to report
she was threatened by people that were outside. Her friend and sister were there
to help get her home.

Sunday, March 10

Harassment / Domestic
CR 15C, a man pushed and kicked his wife and the incident
was caught on cell phone video. Booked

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