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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Berthoud Recreation Center Gets a Major Boost

By Shari Phiel
Berthoud Recorder

With Berthoud schools out for the summer, many parents are wondering what ever happened to plans for a recreation center in Town. According to Town Administrator Jim White, plans are still in the works even if it will still be several years before a center is ready for use.

A donation of $500,000 from the estate of Doyle and Luvesta Jones is to be used for the development of a recreation center with a 10-year time frame. Nearly four years of that timeframe have already passed. 

One of the recent steps taken by the Town was to have students in the Front Range Community College architectural class complete new drawings of the center. “We have had some drawings done in the past, early one even before that money was available,” said White. Of the previous drawings done by Barker, Rinker Seacast in Denver and the anticipated costs for the center, White noted, “Those are probably eight years old. At that time when the estimates came in, I was told they were in the $8 million range.”

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing the Town will be finding enough funding for the project. Even though the Jones’ donation may be somewhat higher than originally thought, it still falls well below the $8 to $10 million needed in total.

The Jones estate also recently bequeathed a total of $2 million through the Community Foundation, which includes funds for various nonprofit organizations in town, as well as for the recreation center. The endowment will be distributed on an annual basis through grants.

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