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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Berthoud Schools Fund – the next step

Now that the Berthoud Bash is over, here are the next steps as described by Scott Cavey

“After we get all the bills paid we will determine the net amount of money available to purchase technology items with. In the meantime we asked the principals last fall to tell us their key needs in the education arena for their school. The feedback we received was heavy on technology items therefore the push for this year’s BASH was to earn more money to purchase more technology for the schools. The key items on their lists were Promethean Boards, Document cameras, Accessories and some curriculum subscriptions.

In the next three weeks the Board of directors will sit down with each of the principals and have them detail their specific needs and costs in a prioritized fashion. After that the Board will decide how to distribute the money to get the biggest benefit for the dollar spent. Last year we focused on Promethean Boards because the Promethean company had a promotion that was too good to pass up. We helped IVY complete their goal of a Promethean Board in every classroom which they now have and we put most of the rest of the boards in Berthoud El and Turner. We believe the interactive Board is a great fit in every classroom K-8.

High school however has different needs and Promethean might not be the right technology for every classroom. They did get a board from us last year and they have really investigated the fit for that technology in the High school setting. I think Mr. Garcia has a vision of where Promethean Boards fit but he would also like to move toward a program where every student has a laptop. Those would both be items we expect to see on the table this next month.”

The Berthoud Schools Fund, now in its second year is part of the Thompson Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that exists to provide financial support for additional and creative educational opportunities within the Thompson School District.

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